Smallville Season 9 Spoilers From Comic-Con

Smallville Season 9 Spoilers From Comic-Con

Having met with the producers and cast of Smallville at Comic-Con, there are a number of tidibts that have emerged which should intrigue fans of the show.

1. No secret now, but Clark is going to be wearing a blackish trenchcoat with a silver "S" logo as he embraces the heroic image that fans of the "red and blue blur" have been placing upon him.

2. According to Justin Hartley (Oliver Queen/Green Arrow), a bit of tension builds between Oliver and Clark over the fact that Clark is leaving his "S" symbol around following a rescue he does. Why, Oliver wants to know, does Clark need the attention?

3. Alison Mack will be directing another episode this season, and Tom Welling, who is now a co-executive producer on the show, will be directing two episodes as well.

4. Callum Blue, who plays Zod, provided some very interesting information. The Zod we meet is an earlier version of the villain from Superman II. This is MAJOR Zod, who has come to earth, with some segment of an army, from Krypton's PAST. He doesn't know who Clark is, has no idea where he is or what is going on. And initially he doesn't have his powers.

5. The notion that Zod has come from Krypton's past raises a number of issues, which no one will confirm or deny, though based on facial reaction, one can assume that Jor-El will indeed be appearing on the show. It also raises issues of whether or not this can impact on the timeline. For instance, can Clark somehow save Krypton? If he does, however, that planet's survival would result in him NOT being sent to earth and ultimately become Superman.

6. It was conceded that the show will play around with the timeline to tell some of the storylines, though it won't be a constant time-shifting adventure ala Lost.

7. Geoff Johns will be writing a Justice Society episode of the show.

8. It seems that teen angst truly is being left behind, the focus turning fully towards the next step in Clark's embracing his ultimate destiny.

In the days to come, we'll be posting some of these interviews. In the meantime, what do you think of the above?
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