SMALLVILLE Will Continue With Season 11 In Comic Form

SMALLVILLE Will Continue With Season 11 In Comic Form

We had heard reports that the Smallville story would carry on with a series of novels, but now it seems an eleventh season of the show will take the form of first digital, then print comic books..

Last year Bleeding Cool reported that Bryan Q Miller would continue the tale of Smallville with "Season 11" novels, but now they have confirmation that it will actually be comic books. Apparently they will go out weekly in digital form and then collected monthly in print comic books. Art will be provided by Pere Perez, with digital covers by Cat Staggs. Here is his first one..

The digital Smallville Season 11 comic will begin from DC Comics on April the 13th, with the first printed collection on May 16th, with Clark Kent now as Superman, and the cast of Oliver Sullivan-Queen, Chloe Sullivan-Queen, the Lanes and the Luthors.

Interesting stuff eh? At least for Smallville fans - although something tells me its detractors might be checking this out too, at the very least so they can make fun of it if it's awful!

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