Tollin/Robbins Productions Settles SMALLVILLE Lawsuit With Warner Brothers

Tollin/Robbins Productions Settles SMALLVILLE Lawsuit With Warner Brothers

A legal mess that has dragged out for sometime now over tens of millions of dollars between Warner Brothers and Smallville showrunners Mike Tollin and Brian Robbins has been settled. Click here for the details.

According to The Hollywood Reporter Tollin/Robbins Production company has settled its on going lawsuit with Warner Brothers over the TV show Smallville. The lawsuit, filed roughly a year before the show ended, saw the production company seeking around 100 million dollars in damages after Warners made what it called a sweetheart license-fee deal with its sister TV networks. In other words Tolin and Robbin claim that WB undersold the show so that it could stay on one of its networks instead of seeking higher dollars on a rival network.

Yesterday, the Tollin/Roberts Production company filled a motion in the Los Angeles Superior Court to dismiss the case, saying they have settled with Warner Brothers. A source from WB has also confirmed this to THR. While they were seeking around 100 million, financial terms of the settlement have not been disclosed at this time.

While this is good news for Warner Brother, they are not out of the woods on the issue quite yet. Killara Productions, run by Smallville co-developer Miles Millar as well as Alfred Gough's Leonardtown Productions are still seeking damages. WB is looking to capitalize with next years Man Of Steel, and have caught some traction with the movie thanks to a good trailer. However, if this lawsuit is ongoing it could look bad for them, and possibly detour fans from the movie. Only time will tell. For the latest on all things Superman make sure to check back here at CBM.

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