Tom Welling Isn't Being Courted By Marvel

Tom Welling Isn't Being Courted By Marvel

Despite recent reports that the Smallville star was being looked at by Marvel (specifically for Doctor Strange), sources close to the actor confirms that Welling isn't up for a role under Marvel, or at least right now...

Recently, What's reported that Tom Welling - who portrayed Clark Kent in the recently ended Smallville series - was already being looked at by Marvel for a role in one of their films, and the site assumed that Marvel was interested in him playing Doctor Strange. However, Superman Super Site is confirming that, despite these reports, sources close to the actor shot down the rumor. Here's what they're saying:

Sources close to Welling have quickly shot down this rumor stating that "Welling isn't up for Doctor Strange, and hasn't been approached for any Marvel property yet but that doesn't mean there isn't interest in him."

There may be another superhero project in the future for Welling but will audiences be able to shake the image of him as Clark Kent that's been ingrained in their minds for the past 10 years? At this point, only time will tell.

Would you be interested in seeing Tom Welling play a Marvel character? If so, which one?
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