Will Jor El return to Smallville Before the Series Finale?

Will Jor El return to Smallville Before the Series Finale?

Find out the answer, and what Lois gets for a wedding gift, after the jump

As everyone knows this is Smallville's final season, and with the clock running out several characters are making a return to the show. One character that some may be wondering about is Jor El. As everyone knows Jor El and Clark are not on the best of terms and he hasn't been on the show since the beginning of the season. Well Michael Aussielo has discovered that not only will he return, but he has a special wedding present for Lois;

........"I hear Terrence Stamp turned down an offer to appear in the flesh, but you’ll once again hear his voice in the penultimate episode when the Superman icon gives Lois the Best. Wedding. Present. Ever: Clark’s powers for a day"...........

Well there you have it, not only will he be returning, but they are apparently taking a page out of the All-Star Superman script and giving Lois Clark's powers for a day. Should make for an interesting episode.

Smallville returns next week to finish out it 10 year run.
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