Will "Smallville" Carry on After its Final Season?

Will "Smallville" Carry on After its Final Season?

"Smallville" Producers talk Spin-Offs, a movie, The Final Season, and the conclusion of the series.

Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson, have just finished mapping out the rest of the season of "Smallville." It sounds like they're going to do a pretty good job if they're already thinking of how to end it; and how they want to make the last episode, "The Best Episode."

"As of Tuesday, we pretty significantly know the rest of the series," Brian Peterson revealed. "That was pretty daunting," Souders added. "We were all sitting in the writers' room, and we looked up at the board, and we had it all mapped out. Everything's now mapped out. We thought, 'Wow. That's it.'"

"Instead of End of Episode, or End of Season, it said End of Series," Brian added.

"I think we are very aware it's a decade of people watching," Kelly Souders said about creating a satisfying finale for longtime viewers. "That's a long time, so not only is there the pressure of wanting to make everybody happy, which is completely impossible, but we keep trying; but also, I think ourselves, the writing staff, the crew, our post - everyone wants it to end with the best episode of Smallville ever. We all want to make sure that it's the best thing that any of us could put together," she said.

"With any show, you want it to end the way you want it to end as a viewer, but then you also want a little surprise," Peterson teased.

When asked about the possibility of a Season 11, Brian Peterson said he was not aware of any plans for a change of heart. "As much as we all don't want it to end, you need the show to go out when the time is right, and it feels like the time is probably right for that, as much as we all will be very sad. That said, you never know. We could be as surprised as anyone else," Brian said.

Regarding the possibility of taking "Smallville" to the big screen, Kelly Souders said that that notion would be "a blast." "We would love to do that, but there are no plans in the works at the moment," Souders said. Sadly, "we don't know of any plans" also is the response regarding a possible spin-off to continue the "Smallville" franchise.

So there you have it. What do you guys think? Should the Smallville continuity end altogether, or should a possible movie/spin-off be considered. Maybe even an 11th season?
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