Chris Nolan Plays Coy When Asked About Joseph Gordon-Levitt Appearing In MAN OF STEEL

Chris Nolan Plays Coy When Asked About Joseph Gordon-Levitt Appearing In MAN OF STEEL

A while ago a rumor was floating around that Joseph Gordon-Levitt will have a cameo in the upcoming Zack Snyder Superman Film Man of Steel, and then JGL's reps shot it down. Well, now Christopher Nolan is keeping it alive by saying nothing at all.

It's the rumor that wont die. A couple weeks back, a rumor started that Man of Steel was looking to enlist the help of The Dark Knight trilogy's surprise ending, by using a Joseph Gordon-Levitt, as Batman, cameo in the film. This was later debunked by Gordon-Levitt's reps. The rumor has found some new legs, however, from an unlikely source, Christopher Nolan. During the Museum of the Moving Image's salute to Hugh Jackman Frank DiGiacomo of Movieline caught up with Nolan and asked him about the possible Joseph Gordon-Levitt, or any Batman cameo, happening in Man of Steel. "I can't talk about that. You know that," Nolan said with a big smile.

This in no way shape or form confirms that this is true, however, it is a little odd that Nolan didn't squash the rumor once and for all. As most know at the end of The Dark Knight Rises, John "Robin" Blake finds the Batcave, and we are led to believe that he will take up the mantel of The Bat. Warner Brother could be looking to connect Batman to their Justice League movie with out having to go through the process of rebooting, although this seems unlikely. Until official word has come out make sure to keep taking this rumor with a huge grain of salt.

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