Exclusive: Kristina Anapau Hints That She's In The Running For Lois Lane

Exclusive: Kristina Anapau Hints That She's In The Running For Lois Lane

The Black Swan actress reiterates her interest in playing Lois Lane in the Superman reboot, and says that she has auditioned for a Super Hero movie, but won't reveal which one!...

That's right, because we don't already have enough Lois lane rumors floating around, I'm off finding new ones! If you remember a while back before Zack Snyder was confirmed as taking directing duties on WB's Superman reboot, rumors hit that Kristina Anapau(Black Swan, Self Medicated) might be in the running for the role. This was never confirmed, although she did express interest. Well I caught up with Miss Anapau to see if she was still interested, and if there was ever any truth to her being in the running in the first place.

CBM: I was just looking back at an older quote from you in the article linking you to Lois Lane, saying how much you would love to be a part of an action movie like Superman. This was back when it was rumored that Darren Aronofky might be taking directing duties on the film. Now we have Zack Snyder, and Henry Cavill will be our new man of steel. Things will be moving forward pretty fast now and they will be searching for a Lois. Are you still interested in the role?

KA: It's a great character and a great project. I'd love to be a part of it. I'm a big fan of Zack Snyder's work.

CBM: Have you ever met with anyone in connection with the role?

KA: I'm not sure I'm at liberty to talk about that just now;)

CBM: Fair enough:) What do you think are the defining aspects/characteristics of Lois Lane and how would you approach playing her?

KA: Lois is intelligent and strong while never losing an ounce of femininity. She's a great role model for girls out there today. Not passive and helpless, yet not an imitation of man in the reveal of her strength.

CBM: You certainly have a good grasp of the character. You have the supernatural thriller The Speak coming out later in the year, anything else in the pipeline?

KA: I'm very excited about The Speak, yes. Working with Tom Sizemore was wonderful. He is a brilliant actor. I also have a great movie called '5 Souls' that will be out later this year. It's a Jacob's Ladder meets Rosemary's Baby and is an absolutely beautiful film. I play a blind woman; it was the most rewarding acting experience of my career to date.

CBM: Sounds great. One final question. Ever auditioned for a superhero project?

KA: Absolutely. Never signed onto one. Yet, that is.

Mmmm. Take from that what you will! But what do you guys think, can we add another conteder to the Lois Lane list?

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