FAN MADE: Man Of Steel Teaser Trailer

FAN MADE: <i>Man Of Steel</i> Teaser Trailer

I came across this impressive fan teaser for Zack Snyder's Superman reboot. It's basically just a recreation of the opening sequence from the previous movies but resists the urge to use the classic theme. Check it out..

The following fan teaser was put together by professional editor Julian Francis Adderley. The images are from the opening of the Jodie Foster movie Contact, only reversed and chopped up a bit. I'm not sure what the music is from but I think you'l agree it works brilliantly..

Very nice. The only thing I don't like are the "faster than a speeding bullet" subtitles. I know they are classic and maybe even iconic but imo they have become a bit stale. I guess it works fine for the purposes of a fan trailer but I wouldn't like to see them referenced in anything official from the movie unless it was with a wink and a nod. What do you guys think?

Just as a little addition, here are a couple of shots of Michael Shannon arriving on set courtesy of OLV. As you can see he isn't sporting facial hair for the role as he appeared to be in the other pics of him in his Zod costume. Was it a fake beard? Highly unlikely. Hmmmm..

Via MOS Facebook page


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