More From David Goyer On MAN OF STEEL; Teases Lex Luthor

More From David Goyer On MAN OF STEEL; Teases Lex Luthor

Man Of Steel screen writer, David Goyer, recently sat down to talk about the film. While a wide range of topics were discussed, the one that stood out was a tease that Lex Luthor just might find his way in to the movie.

With all the secrecy surrounding Man Of Steel, information about the movie and it's plot has been a little sparse. Screen Writer David Goyer sat down with I Am Rouge to talk about the film and shed some new light on it. One of the things they talked about was seeing star Henry Cavill in the Superman suit for the first time. "Henry is a really nice guy and it’s not always that way. I was like, holy crap that’s Superman! I mean I tell my sons that I work with Superman and Batman. I went and visited the set with my six year-old and I timed it so that Henry was in the suit. We showed up and he was like, “Wow, you do work with Superman!” So I got a lot of cred with my kids for that," he said.

Another subject he touched on was the decision to cast Laurence Fishburne as Perry White. A choice he said he thought was perfect, and went on to say he thoughtfan reaction to the casting was silly. "You just want to get the best actor," Goyer explained.

While rumors have swirled, the general consensus is that Superman's main nemesis, Lex Luthor, will not be involved in Man Of Steel. Not so fast according to Goyer, who coyly said when asked why he chose not to include Lex in the story, " I don’t think anyone has ever confirmed that we haven’t included him."

Goyer also noted that as of right now they are only taking this one movie at a time. They didn't go into Man Of Steel looking to make a trilogy. Goyer said he took his que from producer Christopher Nolan who always says, “Put everything you have in this film and worry about the sequel once the movie is done.” So it looks like they will take the same approach they did with The Dark Knight Trilogy and just focus on making great movies.

To check out what Goyer had to say about doing some rewrites on Godzilla, The Invisible Man, being proud that Blade ushered in the modern comic book movie, head on over to I Am Rouge. For the latest on Man Of Steel, make sure to check back here at CBM.

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