Russell Crowe Hints At A Jor-El/General Zod Scrap In Man Of Steel

Russell Crowe Hints At A Jor-El/General Zod Scrap In <i>Man Of Steel</i>

It seems this version of Jor-El might have a more physical role than some other incarnations of the character we have seen, as Russell Crowe Tweets about a prolonged battle with Michael Shannon's villainous General Zod..

Any previous screen versions of Superman's Daddy Jor-El have always taken a more passive, mentor type role and pretty much served the plot by doling out advice to Supes and some exposition to the audience. Well that may change with Zack Snyder's upcoming take on the mythology. Russell Crowe, who will play Jor-El, certainly suggests that we will see some fisticuffs from the character as he goes toe to toe with Michael Sheen's General Zod..

Here are the Tweets from Crowe..

15km bike ride,umpteen hours fighting Michael Shannon. He's very hard to put down.

Hard to tell who wins, we are still fighting tomorrow

In most versions of Superman's origin story Jor-El sends his infant son off to Earth and then dies along with the rest of the Kryptonians when their planet is destroyed. Judging by this I'm guessing Snyder will be tweaking that slightly and have Jor-El go down swinging. But who knows. There have been some very strange developments with Man Of Steel recently with a bearded, aproned Clark Kent along with most of the cast snapped on set in Vancouver-doubling for Alaska. One thing is for sure, I can't wait to see how all of this pans out.


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