TNT Exec Says TITANS Stalled Because Of Script And Crowded Superhero Market

TNT Exec Says TITANS Stalled Because Of Script And Crowded Superhero Market

At yesterday's TCA panel, TNT announced that the live-action Teen Titans superhero drama starring Dick Grayson would not be moving forward. Today, we learn that the show's failure to launch can be attributed to two, simple reasons.

On paper, a live-action Teen Titans shows appears to be a no-brainer.  There's already public exposure for the team due to several animated programs.  While the general public may have been confused as to how Nightwing fits into the Batman and Robin dynamic, the character of Dick Grayson is still a pop culture icon.  However, TNT Chief Creative Officer Kevin Reilly told The Hollywood Reporter that issues with the script and the general saturation of superhero in the public sphere is what attributed to the basic cable network's decision to pass on the sho w.

 Said Reilly, "It wasn't [the fact that we didn't own the characters]. Akiva [Goldsman] is a talented guy, [but] the script just wasn't there. There is an unbelievable glut of superhero things in the market right now and if you have a really good one, clearly people are up for it. But I just don't think that there's a need for one that, for me, at least on paper didn't seem to be screaming to get made."

In summary, the network felt the script was weak and that there simply wasn't enough room for another superhero drama when shows like Supergirl, Gotham, The Flash, Arrow, Agent Carter and Legends of Tomorrow already hold key positions in the desired demographic.

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