Could We See Corey Feldman Back As Donatello In NINJA TURTLES?

Could We See Corey Feldman Back As Donatello In NINJA TURTLES?

The actor - who provided the voice for Turtle techie Donatello in the original movie - remains a fan favorite, and has already shown his support for the upcoming reboot. But now Feldman reveals that he has had "communication" with Michael Bay about a possible return to the character..

Ever since Corey Feldman (Lost Boys, The Goonies) voiced purple bandanna wearing Turtle Donatello in the original TMNT movie, the various incarnations of the character since seem to have taken some inspiration from him. Some of the other actors from the original movies have expressed their displeasure at the direction the Michael Bay produced reboot is taking, but Feldman has remained a staunch supporter. A lot of fans seem to want him back in the role too, and now in an interview with Movieweb, the former Frog brother reveals that he has been in contact with Bay - not necessarily about returning, but it sounds like it was at least discussed..

"..I will say this much. Michael Bay and I have become social acquaintances. We have traded cell phone numbers. We have been in communication. I have let him know that I support the project. He has let me know that he is a fan of my work. Its kind of...We are communicating. I wouldn't say there has been a formal offer, or anything like that. Its not even really going to be Michael Bay's decision. It's going to be the director of the film's decision."

Feldman goes on to once again praise the new vision for the movie, Bay's "tried and tested" formula for success, suggesting that fans should trust him to deliver once again with Ninja Turtles. One problem there Corey, financially successful Bay's films may be, but it's the QUALITY of this movie fans are worried about. Still, I guess we can take comfort in the fact that Bay won't be directing, that'll be Jonathan Liebsman!! Yeah, adjust your expectations accordingly Turtle fans. For the full interview click the link below.

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