Kevin Eastman Shares His Thoughts on Ninja Turtles Origin at Boston Comic Con

Kevin Eastman Shares His Thoughts on  Ninja Turtles Origin at Boston Comic Con

Hit the jump to find out what the Co-Creator had to say during a brief Q and A at the artist panel.

Hey Gang

Yesterday I sat in on the Kevin Eastman and Simon Bisley panel as they talked about Heavy Metal Magazine. Of course many fans were there to hear what Eastman had to say about the upcoming Michael Bay produced Ninja Turtles as well.

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I have to say Bisley and Eastman together are two funny dudes, and as they talked about Heavy Metal Magazine the panel talk got very interesting. Too bad things got rather dull, and rather disappointing when Eastman was asked a question about his thoughts on the upcoming Ninja Turtles film.

What are your thoughts on the turtles being aliens in the upcoming film?

Eastman- "fans should check out issues #2-3 of the originals because there are possible hints that the turtles could be alien"

Now Eastman didn't come right out and say the turtles would be aliens but he didn't deny the idea. What I kinda found interesting was no one asked him what he thought about Peter's thoughts on the Bay film, which would have been very interesting to hear. In the end all he had to say was fans wont be disappointed, and that Bay and crew are working on creating a kick ass ninja film.

Also although not nothing new, he's always believed the canister of ooze to be the same radio-active material that changed Matt Murdock into the Daredevil yet no one really knew where it came from. He's always believed this to be an idea he's wanted to be explored for a while.

The sad part about this was that when it came time for question's there had been only time for one and as you can see not much answered, but very interesting.

What do you guys think? share your thoughts in the comments.

StrangerX out
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