TMNT Movie Theory

TMNT Movie Theory

How the TMNT movie can tell a new origin story that respects the source material.

Originally, I was just going to leave this as a comment on an article, but I have never made my own article before and wanted to give it a try.

Before the TMNT trailers were even released, I was pretty bummed about the movie. I didn't like the look of the turtles or the cast. I was praying that they at least would get the origin right. But after watching the trailer I was stunned. I thought they were drastically changing the Turtle's origin. Not as drastic as aliens from outer-space, but still significant. After listening to William Fichtner's speech to April I came to seven major conclusions: 

1. William Fichtner is Shredder. 
2. Shredder was in a business with April's father. 
3.The business deals with mutagens and genetics. 
4. Only April’s father believes they are trying to create heroes.
5. April’s parents are dead. (Otherwise the conversation is pointless.)
6. Shredder and April's father were responsible for creating the turtles.
7. Shredder was lying to April about the nature of the business to protect his reputation/business.

I am a stickler for source material. And I thought this movie was going to completely ignore it. I thought we were going to have an American Shredder and that Splinter and the Turtles were just going to be lab experiments. I was concerned. But I am so tired of cbm's ignoring source material and even more tired of seeing my "not going to watch" list grow. I want to like this movie.  I was determined to figure out how this could fit into a plot that told it's own story, but still respected the origins from the comics. So, working from the seven conclusions I listed above, I think I have figured it out. Hamato Yoshi and Tang Shen are April's parents. If you're curious to know how this could work or why I would be ok with such a major change, keep reading.

1. How William Fichtner could be Oroku Saki:
William Fichtner could still be Oroku Saki (Shredder), the (maybe adopted) brother of Oroku Nagi. Oroku Nagi and his best friend Hamato Yoshi (Splinter’s owner) could have been training to be ninjas in Japan together. Nagi becomes increasingly jealous of Yoshi; because he keeps besting him during training and because of his relationship with Tang Shen (who Nagi also loves). Tang Shen would have to be Caucasian, because April is at the very least half-white. For this to work, I think it needs to be clear that the ninja training facility is near a military base. Then, Tang Shen could be a military brat and have her name changed to an American one. The military base just seems like a realistic way to explain why Shredder and Tang Shen are white and in Japan (a country with very few Caucasians and even fewer Caucasian ninjas). 

The next part does not need to be changed. At the end of their training, Nagi could be drawn to the Foot Clan. He could ask Yoshi to join with him, but Yoshi declines and tells him about his marriage to Tang Shen. This would be the last straw for Nagi, who attacks Yoshi in a fit of rage and jealousy. The fight ends with Yoshi accidentally killing Nagi. Yoshi, consumed by regret at the death of his best friend and disgraced from the ninja community, flees to New York with Splinter and Tang Shen.
Saki (William Fichtner/Shredder), following in his dead brother’s footsteps, trains to be a ninja and eventually joins the Foot Clan. He quickly rises up the ranks and is chosen to lead the Foot's American branch and takes on the name Shredder. Shredder takes the job, ultimately wanting to find Yoshi and avenge his brother's death. So, he heads for New York.

2. Why April's Father and Shredder would be in business together:
In America, Yoshi married Tang Shen and renounced his ninja past. He has focused on supporting his wife Tang, who is pregnant with April. Yoshi works multiple jobs and studies business. His wife eventually gives birth to April. A couple years after the birth of April, Saki and the Foot Clan arrive in New York. The city is quickly overrun with crime and violence and Yoshi grows increasingly concerned about his family's future.  

Saki sees an opportunity to avenge his brother and support the Foot. So, he creates a fake identy and asks Yoshi to start a business. Saki lies by telling Yoshi the business would try to make New York a safer place. The business could be creating armor and weapons for the police or whatever. Yoshi accepts because he does not know Saki’s true identity and wants to help the city. 

3. How they run a business that deals with mutagens and genetics:
The business becomes extremely successful. As a result of Yoshi’s business acumen, it grows into a large corporation. Eventually, Saki could convince Yoshi to have the business get into genetics and mutations to help wounded police or create elite/enhanced policemen that could better fight the growing crime. Because neither Saki or Yoshi have a scientific background, they could not just start a scientific business off the bat. They would have to have the money to hire people with the scientific knowledge to do the work for them. I think this would allow Baxter Stockman to be introduced.

4. Why only April's father believes they are trying to create heroes:
Saki gradually shuts Yoshi out of this department and the business. Yoshi is not aware of what is going on at first. Saki, begins bullying the scientists or hires scientists that are loyal to him (Baxter). He begins to have the department conduct crazy experiments and create monsters. Saki uses these monsters to intimidate rival gangs, extort people and businesses, ect. He is also starting to have the Foot Clan infiltrate and take over the corporation. 
Then something happens that brings Yoshi's attention to what is going on in the company. It could be anything from seeing one of the experiments in the lab to seeing his corporation’s products being used in a crime on tv. So, Yoshi begins to investigate the company on his own. He collects evidence of the company's crimes (which could includes some ooze) and figures everything out at his home. Yoshi still believes Saki is his friend and that he is unaware of what is going on. Yoshi invites him over to his home to show him everything. At Yoshi’s home we could see April playing with four pet turtles and Splinter.

5. Why April's Parents are Dead/How Shredder and April's Father Create the Turtles:
After Yoshi shows Saki everything, Saki could reveal himself as Nagi's brother. He would tell Yoshi everything about the business, the experiments, and the Foot Clan. A fight breaks out between Yoshi and Saki. During the altercation some of the ooze spills onto splinter and the turtles. Saki then kills Yoshi and Tang Shen and burns their home. April get scared and leaves with Splinter and the turtles and hides them in the sewer. Or somehow they end up in the sewer after they are drenched with ooze.

6. Why Shredder is lying to April and protecting his reputation:
Afterwards, the O’Neil’s could adopt April. As she grows up she knows very little about her real parents, because Saki destroyed all of their belongings. From here I think you have a couple of options and I really don't know how it will go. It has ben said that Will Arnett is her camera man, so I assume she will be a reporter and not an antique store owner. 

Therefore, April's curiosity about their death could motivate her to become an investigative journalist. (I also think it could motivate her to become an antique store owner, because she doesn't have old family heirlooms of her own.) April, as a young journalist, is given a shit assignment to investigate bizarre claims about creatures wrecking havoc in the city. She goes to speak with Saki, because his company is known for their genetic experiments. Saki is now a public figure and wants to protect the reputation of the company. Saki bullshits her about what is going on and doesn't give her any information. So, she sneaks into the company and goes to talk to Baxter Stockman, who runs the mutagen/genetic department of the business. Baxter, having experimented on himself, goes crazy and chases her into the sewers. Then April meets the turtles in the sewer. By this time, the Turtles have had years of training under Splinter and have grown into their own. Eventually, April will realize her family's history and the strange occurences in the city are connected. 

So, what do you think? I know it is a lot, but they could do it. Also, if you could click the "thumbs up" button below, I would really appreciate it!

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