TMNT reboot ideas and casting choices

TMNT reboot ideas and casting choices

Well, now that This thing is finally under way, i'm giving my thoughts on what i would like to see in the new TMNT movie. i was going to do one of these last night, but it kept screwing up and logging me out. Anyway here are some of my thoughts of how i would like a Ninja Turtles movie to turn out.

First thing, PG 13 rating, the last movies were PG. i just want to go a little bit less for the kiddies a little more for teens/adults. and these days, you can get away with A LOT in a PG 13 movie. some would say more than kids should be aloud to watch.

I was watching someone give their thoughts on this upcoming tmnt a while back and i agree with them on one thing...Well, remember this from the first movie?

Picture that, but instead of when that moment or a similar one comes where Raph is outrun by thugs, he yells the f word. you get one f word in a pg13 movie. and that would just be bad ass. Would never happen but hey, i can dream can't i?

Personally, i would really like it to visually look like sin city, what i mean by this is a almost entirely B&W movie with just a few colors throughout the movie, such as the Red on each of the Turtles masks.
(for ALL of them this time, we know who they are from the weapons and personality in this, not multi colored bandanas).
also, less jokes and a more somber tone. Not "no" jokes, just less. you don't want to take the humor completely out but toning it down is ok. Dark Knight atmosphere that geekdom's has come to expect in comic movies won't work with the turtles. after all, they were created to be a parody of Ronin and Daredevil.

Casey jones, if he's included, i would like to see him have his personality kind of like "The Punisher with a hockey stick" in a way. i got that vibe in one of the later cartoon series from the character and it's a cool thing to take and run with for the film.

One of my original concerns has already been addressed, which is this new film is aparantly using a combination of costumes and some kind of CG/motion capture for the faces. so as to avoid crappy mouth flapping we got in ...the third film...

Here is my cast, including the four turtles and some other characters.
i have made my choices for the turtles based on the actors' voices and matching the personality of each turtle to them. i have chosen some comedic actors, not entirely on purpose, but just turned out that way because of their voices.

here we go:

Raph's Voice- Dan Fogler (because of the gruff voice and brooklyn accent)

Mikey's Voice (1st choice)- Nick Swardson (goof ball "yeah dude" type voice)

Mikey's Voice (second Choice)- Jonah Hill (same reason)

Donnie's Voice- Elijah Wood (sounds like he could easily pull off the brainy quiet Donnie

Jake Gyllenhaal
No particular reason. i think his voice could fit the personality of leo.

Casey Jones-
I had a really hard time casting this one, because i knew the way i wanted him to be played and i had a clear vision. saw a couple people casted James Franco but i don't like him. some reason the guy just bugs me. I finally found the actor capable and fitting to the type of casey that fits this style of TMNT i'm trying to create. Joseph Gordon Levitt

April O'neil- Claire Danes.
Romeo+Juliet, Temple Grandin, Stardust.
to be honest, i can't give you a reason. i just like her.

The Shredder,
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa Pictures, Images and Photos
reason, Mortal Kombat

Splinter (voice)
Ken watanabe

Well, that's it, my ideas and cast. input in the usual place.
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