Nick Cave Doing Rewrites for The Crow

Nick Cave Doing Rewrites for <i>The Crow</i>

An iconic musician rewriting the script to a dead musician? It's not what you think. Plus, the announcement we've been waiting for?

Some time has passed but we've got some surprising developments on how the script is coming along. The last we heard of the impending reboot was that Blade director Stephen Norrington had tunred in a "terrific" script that would take place in either two locations: "the southwest -- the Mexico/Arizona area -- and an urban [setting] -- Detroit or Pittsburgh or something like that." I guess politics are what they are because it looks like Stephen's script is going to get some touch ups by iconic musician and acclaimed screenwriter Nick Cave.

A surprising turn, this might be best for the reboot. He made his screenwriting debut with John Hillcoat's 1988 prison drama Ghosts … of the Civil Dead, but what really has this lifelong "Crow" fan excited is Cave's impressive work on Hillcoat's gritty Australian Western "The Proposition," which was awesome.

While Cave's record label may not like to publicize his other career as a successful screenwriter, there's no doubt that he is in major demand, especially after having been named one of Variety's 10 Screenwriters to Watch in 2006.

But besides this news, TheWrap also let out that there could be an announcement in the coming weeks as to who will take flight in the coveted role of Eric Draven, the role made famous by actor/martial artist Brandon Lee before his untimely passing during filming. This new "Eric" has been described as a being a "full-fledged character than in Alex Proyas' 1994 original."

I don't know about you all but I'm starting to get more into this reboot with what I'm hearing about his guy; even though I have never heard of him before. As Eric being "different," so long as whomever is playing him doesn't try to copy what Brandon's performance was I think we will all be saved from a full-on redo. With that said, the original film didn't stay all that true to the graphic novel. Things were changed for the film, but that's another story. I'm excited to hear that they've finally started casting. Stay tuned for more possible developments.
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