Are Captain Cold And Golden Glider THE FLASH Villains?

Are Captain Cold And Golden Glider THE FLASH Villains?

Last week, it was reported that The Rogues would be the villains menacing Ezra Miller in his standalone Flash movie but we didn't know whether that meant the entire group or just a few, select members...

After The CW introduced Captain Cold and Golden Glider on The Flash, will the sibling villains team up to take down the Scarlet Speedster in the DCEU? According to Mashable's Jeff Sneider, that's what's he's hearing in regards to the previous rumor that The Rogues would be the main antagonists of the standalone, Ezra Miller led superhero feature.  

When the rumor first surfaced, many comic book fans had visions of Cold, Capt. Boomerang, Mirror Master, Weather Wizard, Heat Wave and the Trickster forming a "Sinister Six" of sorts to pull off a few capers in Central City but perhaps there's going to be a smaller number of Rogues featured than initially anticipated?  

At this early stage, the only option is to wait-and-see how things shake out.   Rick Famuyiwa is directing from a script penned by former director,  Seth Grahame-Smith.  Miller stars as the titular hero with Kiersey Clemons set to play iris West.  Filming is expected to begin this January in London.  Expect more casting announcement to be revealed in the coming weeks.

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