CONFIRMED: Original Speedster 'Jay Garrick' Is Coming To Season Two Of THE FLASH

<font color=red>CONFIRMED:</font> Original Speedster 'Jay Garrick' Is Coming To Season Two Of THE FLASH

The Reverse-Flash wasn't too happy to see Jay Garrick's helmet show up while attempting to travel through time in the season one finale of The Flash, but Geoff Johns has now revealed that the character will indeed appear when the show returns. Hit the jump for details...

Comic Book Resources bring word from the San Diego Comic-Con that original Flash Jay Garrick is indeed set to make an appearance in season two of The Flash. Geoff Johns confirmed that it will happen during the DC Page To Screen panel (there were sadly no comments about reports that he's writing a solo Batman movie with Ben Affleck), telling those in attendence that the helmet showing up in The Flash was much more than just an Easter Egg. In fact, he's coming to the show! 

"That's not an Easter egg, that's a story point," Johns said of its appearance. "We're going to see Jay." That's obviously huge news and something many fans suspected would happen in season two of The CW series. What kind of role he's going to play is a mystery at this point, but that helmet showing up definitely seems to be an indication that Jay Garrick will have his speed powers when we meet him (presumably from another timeline or dimension). What do you guys think? 

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