With The Flash spinning off from Arrow and almost assuredly getting the series order, heated debate is sure to come over this beloved hero. Regardless of what we get in the future, a Flash TV show is what we're getting now, so as fans.. what do we want?

When the Flash was first announced to be headed to the small screen, some rejoiced and some bitched. People in favor said this would give ample time to develop Barry Allen as a character as well as his wide number of supporting characters, while others complained that the Flash was too big of a character to confine to the television. Both sides make good points, but regardless, this is what we get.

Below is listed what I think would make the Flash TV series click and work with fans. But, as one of thousands of fans, will my ideas match up with the rest of you nerds? Read on and let me know!

Hawaii Five-O/NCIS influence

These shows--not always, but usually--have a villain of the week in each episode, while still managing to have some big arc overall. To a lesser extent Arrow has done this as well. That's something I really like about those shows--in both Hawaii Five-O, NCIS and Arrow, there's a team working together to catch the elusive bad guy. Remember, in the series Barry Allen is a crime scene investigator, so we're bound to get some scenes like this. I'm just hoping it happens more often than it doesn't, as it would show how Barry has to balance his life as a police scientist and a superhero, and how those two roles intertwine.

Similar to Iron Man in tone

Similar, not exact. What I mean by this is that the show should be generally light-hearted in tone, but able to be serious when needed. Kind of like reverse-Arrow; it is by and large dark and serious, but it knows how to handles it's humor and fun moments as well.

For instance, for the most part Iron Man was a fun, humorous movie, but when Obadiah Stane was revealed to be the villain and Iron Man himself went overseas to take out terrorists, it showed a serious side. This would work because while the Flash isn't a straight-up smartass like Spider-Man, he has his witty moments and his character is not on the darker side like Batman.

New 52

New 52 the shit out of it. Just kidding, but seriously, don't be afraid to add some New 52 elements to the show. Like in the most recent Flash comic, Flash #27, it was revealed that Barry Allen's boss, Captain Frye, had a history with Barry's mother, who was killed. Things like this would add good plots to the story, as well as drama (I for one think that the Flash should be easy on the drama, something the CW might not know how to do). If you haven't already, go read issues #26 and #27 of the Flash. Both comics would make great individual live-action episodes themselves.

Don't give us a half-assed version of the Flash costume. If they do, the show will fail. Maybe, MAYBE for the first couple episodes, but absolutely no longer. After that, give us the costume we all want to see.

So what do YOU want from the Flash TV show? Or do you even want one at all? Sound off in the usual place, and as always thanks for reading!
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