EXCLUSIVE: Keystone City Video For THE FLASH Video Game (Cancelled)

<font color=red>EXCLUSIVE</font>: Keystone City Video For THE FLASH Video Game (Cancelled)

Greg Miller, who was the Lead Designer on The Flash video game (cancelled) that was being developed by BottleRocket Entertainment, has sent us an exclusive video that gives us a tour of Keystone City. Come check it out!

"The art team put together a one square block sample of what they were thinking Keystone City would look like. Whereas Central City is full of huge glass and steel skyscrapers like a city with one foot in the future, Keystone City still has one foot in the past and is comprised mainly of smaller buildings constructed from brick and mortar. There isn’t a whole lot to see in this video but it gives a little tease of how we though life in Keystone might be." - Greg Miller

Greg Miller has since moved on to building apps.  His latest, Monster Rift, is featured below.  It’s free to play so do him a favor and check it out

Monster Rift HD
By Veritas Design Group

Description: Help Dood travel through dozens of cavernous Rifts as he collects eggs, avoids traps, smashes through obstacles, and defeats a horde of monsters. Once you’ve escaped a Rift, take your eggs to the Hatchery and see what kind of surprise is in each one. Is it a Rift Baby that will help you unlock the next level? A Companion creature that will enhance your abilities? Or perhaps some Gems that you can use to purchase other helpful items from the Monster Market?

Download the game for FREE at iTunes.
Website: www.MonsterRift.com * Facebook: MonsterRift * Twitter: VeritasApps
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