FLASHPOINT Will Be Commencing Production "Pretty Soon", According To JUSTICE LEAGUE Star Ezra Miller

FLASHPOINT Will Be Commencing Production "Pretty Soon", According To JUSTICE LEAGUE Star Ezra Miller

A solo film for Ezra Miller's Flash has had numerous setbacks, but we could be seeing a light at the end of the Speed Force tunnel very soon, according to the actor himself. Read on for more...

If any film in the DCEU has had a stroke (or several) of bad luck, it's The Flash. The planned solo adventure for the Scarlet Speedster has suffered quite a few setbacks, namely the departure of two directors due to creative differences with Warner Bros.

During San Diego Comic-Con this past July, it was announced that the film was being re-tooled to adapt the famous comic storyline, Flashpoint, though no concrete information was provided regarding a release date. Coupled with this came the news that Warner Bros. was allegedly seeking to recast Kiersey Clemons, who had been cast as Iris West by the project's previous director, Rick Famuyiwa. With all this in mind, it seemed pretty likely that Flashpoint still had a ways to go before hitting the big screen. 

However, at ACE Comic-Con this past weekend, Miller seemingly offered a hint to a fan that Flashpoint will be commencing production sooner than we thought. According to the user Daniel Eliesen (via Screen Rant), who spoke to Miller directly, the actor will be commencing work on the project soon.

"Just asked Ezra when are we getting Flashpoint and he said 'we’re starting it pretty soon, can’t wait.'"

While this is still not a ton of concrete information, the film seems to at least still be a priority for Warner Bros. to get made. With the rumor that this film could be Ben Affleck's last appearance as Batman, along with the extended cast the comic features, it's possible that this film could replace a Justice League sequel to feature the ensemble cast.

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