How GORILLA GRODD Can Be Used in the FLASH TV Series

How GORILLA GRODD Can Be Used in the FLASH TV Series

If there's anything the Flash TV show has got going for it, it's the character's list of Rogues. In this brief editorial I will explain how Gorilla Grodd--if used in the CW series--should be portrayed.

Many think that not only should Grodd not be used on a TV budget, but that he is downright silly and should not be used at all. Well, haters, I am here to raise up my middle finger and prove you wrong. Just kidding, but these are just a few ideas I have kicking around in my head, and I'd like to share them with you, and see what y'all think.

I believe Gorilla Grodd should be included because in the comics, he is one of the Flash's primary adversaries. To exclude him would be to exclude a powerful, you-love-to-hate-him character that could be bring action, dynamic and drama to the show.

My idea includes Gorilla Grodd going on a route reminiscent of Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

When Grodd is first introduced, he should be a normal gorilla, and only be a recurring character. Perhaps the gorilla is frustrated from being taken away from its home; the scientists/doctors could even say they got the gorilla from a region nicknamed Gorilla City.

Basically a small group of scientists--two or three--are doing seemingly harmless experiments, studies and research on Grodd, among other gorillas and apes. Maybe it's even at S.T.A.R. Labs. One of the scientists is an old friend of Barry Allen's--for the sake of this article, we'll call this person Tina McGee, but it could be someone else. Because of Tina, Barry makes moderately frequent visits to this particular lab. He is fond of Grodd.

Tina is the good guy, but the other scientists are performing rather ugly experiments behind her back. I'm not sure about the nature of these experiments, but they're cruel and prompts Grodd's distaste for humanity. He starts developing more than what is natural for gorillas; he becomes smarter. But not near developed as he is in the comics. Perhaps they end an episode with him saying his first word(s), like "kill" or "hurt them."

Then, something major happens--like I said, these are just ideas kicking around in my head, so I am unsure as to what this "major" event can be. Maybe caused by Vibe and his powers, or another experiment gone awry. But the outcome of this happening would give Grodd super-strength, super-intelligence, and some mind controlling abilities. By this point he already has a hatred for humans and a craving for power, as he's been stuck in a cage at a lab for so long.

The general idea here is that they show Grodd's development from above average gorilla to "evil-genius" gorilla over the course of a season, before actually making him a villain in the next season.

Side-note: (Please don't give me shit about this, for its only a side note with little relation to the actual point of this article.) If this show winds up in the DCCU, maybe Gorilla Grodd taking over Central City at the end of a season could show why the Flash didn't show up in the battle at the end of Man of Steel.
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