Movie Adaption for DC's The "Flash" Nearing Greenlight!

Movie Adaption for DC's The "Flash" Nearing Greenlight!

Movie Adaption for DC's The "Flash" Nearing Greenlight!

Along with announcing Sherlock Holmes sequel Start period & when to expect Superman's return, Warner Bros. chairman announces that a "Flash" movie, with DC Entertainment is getting closer to getting the Go-Ahead. Check it Out!

DC Entertainment, distributed by Warner Bros., has a lot on their plate with Green Lantern currently filming, Third Untitled Batman movie scripting, a Superman: Man of Steel reboot expected for 2012 holiday season, and Jonah Hex hitting theaters in a few weeks.

Warner Bros. chairman and CEO Barry Meyer says that DC Comics characters are key parts of Warner's future, and along with announcing a mid-December 2011 release for the Sherlock Holmes sequel, he includes that

they are getting close to giving the go-ahead for a movie about the Scarlet Speedster, DC Comics superhero "Flash."

Barry Meyer includes that films featuring Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Mad magazine characters are also in development, as mentioned before. Past rumors for the speedster, say that writer/producer Greg Berlanti is strongly being considered to direct the movie adaption.

DCMF:: I'm most curios at how they plan on making this movie interesting, more than who they actually cast. Those unfamiliar with Flash, several other individuals in the DC Universe, have used the name, and these have lived either on other parallel worlds, or in the future. Jay Garrick, Barry Allen and Wally West are the best-known exemplars of the identity. And with each character claiming the identity has had different origins concluding in gaining super strengths & speed(obviously).

Casting being one of the important things to make this film work, I personally felt Ryan Reynolds, whose playing Hal Jordan(Green Lantern), would make a greater Flash. What do you think?
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