THE FLASH Finally Gets A Release Date - Ezra Miller's Scarlet Speedster Will Race Into Theaters In 2022

THE FLASH Finally Gets A Release Date - Ezra Miller's Scarlet Speedster Will Race Into Theaters In 2022

Warner Bros.' solo big-screen outing for The Flash has finally been given a release date! The studio has also set a release for The Matrix 4, and it's currently set to open the same day as John Wick 4...

Warner Bros. has officially set release dates for two huge upcoming movies: The Flash and The Matrix 4.

Scarlet Speedster fans have been waiting for an update on the first solo outing for the DC Comics hero ever since it was confirmed that It director Andy Muschietti would be taking the helm, and we now have word that the Fastest Man Alive will race into theaters on July 1, 2022.

The Flash has gone through several directors and release date shuffles at this stage, so let's hope this one sticks. Justice League star Ezra Miller is expected to reprise the role of Barry Allen.

Lana Wachowski's new Matrix movie, meanwhile, is set for May 21, 2021. If that date sounds familiar to Keanu Reeves fans, it's because that's also when John Wick Chapter 4 is scheduled to hit theaters! Expect one of 'em to move.

In related news, the studio has moved its Mortal Kombat reboot up six weeks to Jan. 15, 2021, and removed Taika Waititi's Akira adaptation from the slate altogether.

What do you guys make of this news? Do you think The Flash's release date will stick this time? Let us know in the comments, and get the latest on some other planned DC Comics movies below.

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We'll start with the character DC fans are most curious about, The Man of Steel.

It doesn't sound like anything is set in stone when it comes to this iconic hero, but Variety does confirm that the studio has had discussions with director J.J. Abrams to see if he could "help find a way to make Superman relevant to modern audiences." Michael B. Jordan was also in talks to play the character, but apparently he wasn't ready to commit to the project.

Henry Cavill recently stated that he wasn't done with Supes yet, but it certainly sounds like the role is vacant!

A new Superman film is unlikely to hit screens before 2023


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We know Matt Reeves is in the process of rebooting The Dark Knight with Robert Pattinson taking over the cape 'n cowl, but it sounds like there are also tentative plans in place for spin-offs featuring the villains that'll be introduced in the movie, including the Riddler (Paul Dano), Penguin (Colin Farrell), and Catwoman (Zoe Kravitz).

Apparently, "key cast members from The Batman and Birds of Prey have contract options to appear in sequels and standalone films."

Birds of Prey and The Suicide Squad

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The success of Todd Philips' Joker appears to have inspired a lot of confidence in future R-rated projects, and it looks like Birds of Prey and The Suicide Squad will both carry the more adult-oriented rating.

These Harley Quinn-centric outings are not expected to be in the "pitch-black, grim vein of Joker" however, and will likely be much lighter in tone. A series of recent Birds of Prey reshoots are said to have "dramatically improved test screening results."

Green Lantern

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Despite the recent announcement of a Greg Barlanti-produced Green Lantern series for HBO Max, that Green Lantern Corps movie is still said to be a priority at WB.

Apparently, Geoff Johns is set to deliver a script at the end of the year, and the project may be presented to Abrams and Bad Robot to see if the company would be interested in producing.

The Flash

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Despite rumors to the contrary, that standalone Flash movie is still very much in development with It director Andy Muschietti at the helm.

Ezra Miller is set to reprise the role of Barry Allen, but he is tied up until shooting finishes on the next Fantastic Beasts film, which means that cameras are unlikely to roll until 2021. Christina Hodson (Bumblebee) is working on the screenplay, and will then move on to write the solo Batgirl movie.

Aquaman and The Trench

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James Wan is still attached to direct a sequel to the billion-dollar hit that was Aquaman, but shooting is not expected to commence until early 2021.

Warner Bros. is also still planning a spin-off based around the villainous undersea creatures known as The Trench, and a director is currently being sought.

The "Snyder Cut" Of Justice League

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Finally, we have a disappointing update on the fabled "Snyder Cut" of Justice League.

Despite the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut hashtag gaining a lot of traction with several major stars such as Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot showing their support, insiders reckon it's "never going to happen," describing the movement as a "pipe dream."

Although HBO Max is reportedly "looking for DC properties that could inspire films that premiere on its platform," there are currently no plans for the Snyder Cut to find a home on the streaming service.
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