Why I Think 'Vibe' Is Part Of The CW's THE FLASH TV Series

Why I Think 'Vibe' Is Part Of The CW's THE FLASH TV Series

Just my opinion on why Vibe was chosen to be one of the DC Comics' characters that'll appear on The Flash TV series, and a quick theory about the show. Have a read through it and be sure to leave your feedback in the usual place.

Why Vibe? Why Bring Vibe onto the new Flash TV Show? I Believe the answer to that can be summed up below...the New 52...Vibes new powers (read below) disrupt...you guessed it...the speed force!

Now a theory....

As I have browsed this site over the past few weeks I have seen many comments about people who are saying that "If Iris is black, then Wally has to be to"...or Wally has to be this...or that...black...adopted...But what about...from the future...from another timeline???

In the new 52 Wally is just being introduced...and presumably from another timeline or the future...and in the current timeline the flash is barry and kid flash is bart...so maybe just maybe...we wont need to concern ourselves with wally's race because if they new 52 it then a) wally will be from a timeline where iris is white?... or b) he will be from the future where his family tree is so intermixed that he is white...

Those are my thoughts!!!

PS (Credit to creator) check out the dope Gustin as Flash pic I saw!

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