Coming Soon: The Greatest American Hero Movie

Coming Soon: The Greatest American Hero Movie

We reported earlier in the year that it was planned, but now there is confirmation from the show's creator that a GAH movie is scripted and a director hired.

This from SciFiWire.

Stephen J. Cannell, creator of the cult '80s TV series The Greatest American Hero, confirmed to fans that a feature film is in the works.

"We've written a screenplay, and we've hired a director, and we're in the midst of putting this together for the future," Cannell told an audience in Hollywood on Sept. 7 at the Screen Actors Guild's 25th-anniversary reunion.

The director is reportedly Stephen Herek, known for such '80s kitsch as Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure and Critters--a fact Cannell did not confirm at the reunion panel.

The entire cast, producers, writers and famed stuntman Dennis "Danger" Madalone joined Cannell for a lengthy Q&A session moderated by John Tesh, a Hero historian and husband of star Connie Sellecca.

After Cannell's movie announcement, Sellecca took the opportunity to lock in roles for herself and fellow original cast members William Katt and Robert Culp.

"I'm going to put Stephen on the spot," Sellecca said with a grin. "Cameos for us?"

"Absolutely guaranteed," Cannell responded. "More than cameos: acting jobs."

"I took a sneak peek at the [feature] script, and it's absolutely charming and wonderful," Katt told the rapt audience. "I know people are going to love it."

The Greatest American Hero ran for three seasons on ABC, 1981-'83, and centered on Ralph Hinkley (Katt), a teacher who comes into possession of a red alien suit that endows its wearer with superpowers--but not the instruction manual. Culp played Hinkley's FBI minder and Sellecca his long-suffering girlfriend.

The show is enjoying a renaissance of sorts, with a new comic book produced by Katt and producing partner Chris Folino under their Catastrophic Comics banner. The first issue should hit shelves in November.

Additionally, there are plans for a series of four-minute animated Web shorts, voiced by Katt, Culp and Sellecca.

"It"s a litmus test for Stephen's [film plans]," Katt said of the comic and shorts.

"The cast all felt--and I think the writers as well--[that] we had stories left to tell, and so that's what we’re doing," Katt said. "We're picking up where we left off, and I know that there's a great audience out there that is going to be receptive to that."

Katt added: "In the public arena, at Comic-Con and other [conventions] out there, we've found that there is a tremendous warm welcome still left waiting for The Greatest American Hero."

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