Is Chris Evans The Latest "Loser"?

Is Chris Evans The Latest "Loser"?

The latest rumor doing the rounds is that "Fantastic Four" star Chris Evans could be playing the part of Jensen in "The Losers" movie.

According to an anonymous source for, Evans is currently in negotiations for the role. If the rumor proves true, the actor would join “Watchmen” star Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who is tagged to lead the title military squad as the “Losers” leader Clay.

The Sylvain White-directed movie already has an impressive squad of actors to take on its story about an estranged Special Forces unit bent on revenge against their C.I.A. commander who abandoned them. Other announced picks include Idris Elba (”The Wire”) as Roque, Zoe Saldana (”Star Trek”) as Aisha and Columbus Short (”Cadillac Records”) as Pooch.

“The Losers,” created by Andy Diggle and Jock as a re-imagined version of DC’s classic Jack Kirby comic of the same same, would beat a couple of its fellow Vertigo titles — “Exterminators” and “Y: The Last Man” — to theaters if it makes its tentative 2010 release date.

I had not read "The Losers" when i heard this movie was in production but i have since picked up a few issues and its pretty good. Not great but like most Vertigo titles its certainly worth a look. Especially if your a blood n bullets action fan. Anyway, hopefully it will make a good movie so we can finally get some more info on "Preacher", and maybe get a "Sandman" movie underway too!
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