The Spirit: User Reviews Compiled

The Spirit: User Reviews Compiled

Here is all you need to know about "The Spirit" movie. The hardcore comic book movie fans have spoken...

Superman4 says...
I just saw the Spirit today and was thinking that it wasn't as bad as people were saying. The scenes when the Spirit goes on patrol are cool, but my favorite thing about the Spirit was that it felt like an old comic book. With the cars, the way people talk, and the all around dective type feel to it. I thought Gabriel Machet as the Spirit was a good choice and every else seemed to have fun with their roles.

However some of the dialogue was at times silly and Samuel Jackson as the Octopus wasn't that good. Over all I'd say the movie is good and I would recomend it to any comic book fan.

CBM Contributor says...
Lacking Spirit. This film is a mess. It doesn't know if it's camp or serious. At the mid-point, Jackson & Johanssen show up dressed like NAZI's for NO REASON! There's obvious overtures towards Judaism, but no connection made. While it's stylish at times, many aspects (such as his tie) look fake. I loved the fact he wore Converse All-Stars, but even that didn't seemto fit. There was no cohesion, no sense of plot unity and I really could not have cared less about any of the characters. Overall, a sign of what happens when one mad has autonomy.

Stewart Pelser says...
How Campy. Miller needs to find some one else to direct. This movie did not know what time period it wanted to be in. the film is shot in a stylish 40's era movie but you see them using the latest nokia's. You see diet pepsi cola.

I think he created this movie just to put something out. stick with 300 and sin city. all bad remarks aside go see it for what it is. A movie and one mans vision to bring a comic book from way way back in the day to life on the big screem. if you enjoy stupid campy jokes and humor go see it. if you like seeing uber hot woman on the screen go see it. if you want to see a movie were sam l jackson doesnt drop the f bomb a million times go see it. I enojyed it with my brother it was a nice im boared lets go see a movie. go see an early show. it's worth the $7.75 you will pay or wait for the dvd because you know frank miller will have a ton of extras for all to see.

CBM Contributor says...
Oh, how the mighty have fallen.....sad for them and fans...

I plunked down my hard earned money and hoped for the best, when I settled in for the showing of the Spirit. After fifteen minutes into this disaster of a movie, I felt a rush of sadness......both for Miller and me.

I realized as I endured this dreck that passed itself off as entertainment the expression, " the mighty have fallen." Mr. Miller clearly believes in his own press clippings in trying to pass this movie off as quality work. It ain't no "300." Thoughts of the infamous Ed Wood immediatelyl came to mine as I endured (painfully) the horrible acting and ridiculous story line presented. Certainly it was obvious that Samuel Jackson must have need a car payment to (dare I call it this) act in this monstrosity. And just when I thought Eva Mendes couldn't act more wooden than she did in "Ghostrider", it was clear she was able to go to new lows. Even what was once an attractive rear, couldn't save this.

Certainly, when you take the failed TV actor who played Dolan, it is a sign from above of the horror you are about to see and so it was with this movie.

By the way, the sadness I felt for me was the wasted money I spent on this movie.

CBM Contributor says...
The Spirit - Not What I Expected.

Sin City and 300, movies so epic they cannot be contained. The Spirit? Epic in a different way.
The Spirit, a movie made by a man with a mind so daring, so illustrious, and more genius than anyone would have thought.

People walk into theatres with their own notion of what they're going to see. "It'll be this, and it'll be that." How many times have they been wrong? Every time.

The Spirit was made not to be a dark, brooding, festering "tar pit" of violence, and blood. It was made to be what it is, and what can only be described as "crazy talk."

Brooding? No. Dark? No. Violent? Yes. It was meant to be a comedy, with it's own elements of an action movie. For once, look at this movie as something different. Just because it doesn't follow it's creator, doesn't mean it isn't good. Watch this movie as if you're watching a movie you've never read a book about. It is it's own genius. Expect a laugh or three.

Those of you who cry and complain about the movie not being what it should be, don't see it. You're the people we don't want in the theatres.

Those of you who want to have a good time, go see it. You're in for a "toilet" of a surprise.

CBM Contributor says...
Stick to the comic books Miller!

First off, I never read the book, so I have nothing to go by except what was offered in the film.

I didn't really have high expectations of this movie, I enjoyed the trailers, looked interesting enough, and it was Miller's first time directing. I love his graphic novels so I figured he could still pull this off.

Well the movie started moderate and just spiraled down, the film was filled with horrible dialog that just seemed to get worse as the movie progressed. The acting was also nothing to shake a stick at, though Gabriel Macht did a decent job with what he had to work with as well as Samuel L. Jackson. However, Scarlett Johansson did an absolute terrible job in this movie, the way she was acting, it seemed she didn't even care to try.

The constant changing of the backgrounds proved more distracting then accentuate the scenes, which seemed to be the goal. Also, I was unsure of the time period, it was mixed. It looked like the 50's but everyone has cell phones, computers, yet the cars and the dialog said otherwise.

The fight scenes were humorous, sometimes more so then it should have been, I understand over the top action but it got to the point where I just wanted it to end because of sheer sillyness of it all.

The use of the black and white style worked somewhat, though it didn't seem like it was placed well, he constantly had his shoes glowing white, which is cool for some of the shots, but then just became a huge distraction from a lot of the scenes.

Again, I knew this film was going to be campy, but the execution was way off, I spent more time wanting this movie to end, instead of enjoying it. I love bad action movies, but this one did not deliver, the whole movie was a moan and groan fest, and I wish it on no one, not even the people I don't like. Thank God I got my ticket with a gift card from Christmas and not use a cent of my money.

RealFirstAvenger says...
If you go in looking for Sin City 2, you are not only dumb but will be very disapointed. The movie, is just great.
The Spirit, while filmed in a similar style to the dark masterpiece Sin City, is very different in so many ways. Different, yet great for what it is.

The movie is all out hilarious and is meant to be so. The comedy is great and Samuel L, who I usually dont like, is fantastic as the over the top Octopus. His obsession with eggs made me laugh out loud over and over again.

The campyness, which everyone should have known and expected, was great. I highly recommend the movie to any fan of comic books, Frank Miller or outlandish stories in general. Go see the Spirit, expect it to be funny, over the top, and ridiculous and you will have a great time.

Go see it expecting a serious dark and brooding drama then you will be as dissapointed as others expecting the same thing. It is a great movie and I give it two thumbs way up.

Juiceman78 says...
I SURE AS HELL DON'T KNOW WHAT HE WAS THINKING! I mean literally WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING. Now I got in for free to see this movie and to say this is, IT WAS HORRIBLE. I mean almost everything was bad. The only good points were Gabriel Macht as The Spirit and the visuals on this movie, BUT THAT WAS ABOUT IT! Now it's surprising that the lesser known actor is getting noted for this movie. Sadly the others suck. Like for instance is Samuel L. Jackson's character THE OCTOPUS, now as menacing as that sounds he isn't. I mean this is a horrible comic book villain. No doubt about it HORRIBLE! I mean just the way he looks, acts, LOOKS! Honestly Sam barely even tried and the wardrobe is even worse and so is his dialogue. I honestly thought the Octopus would be like menacing with like I don't know TENTACLES! I mean seriously he could have two tentacles NOT HAVE A STUPID OUTFIT and still be menacing. Another was how terrible all the female actresses in this movie acted and they acted terribly.

All in all, if you are a fan of Sin City then don't even see it, not even if your a fan of The Spirit I suggest you keep your $9.50. The movie goes to stray away from the comic book so well that it manages to not only spit onto moviegoers, but also onto comic book fans and fans of the comic book series. Frank Miller just screwed it big time and now that he has [frick] Rog.....I mean Buck Rogers on the way, I think we might see another comic book movie down the drain.


CBM Contributor says...
Full-on-Campy!!! The movie was horrible! I loved Sin City, but the spirit is trying to return to campiness when comic book movies need a serious look at them. Here endeth the lesson.

CBM Contributor says...
"The Spirit" - Not a bad movie. This is a classic style comic movie. I like how he blended the 30's & 40's slang into a updated version. The Hero is classic and the villain is really classic old school comic depictions. This is very campy and the dialog reflects it. And you know what. It worked for me. Go watch the old crime dramas and you will see the same kind of dialog. That was done on purpose. NO it's not the Darknight or Iron Man. It's not a comic book movie based in the real world. It's not supposed to be. I liked the movie for what is was. A dance down comic book memory lane.

CBM Contributor says...
Eva Mendes's Butt + An Hour and a Half of Other Stuff.

Visually, the Spirit was entertaining. Hormonally, the Spirit was entertaining. That's about it.

It wasn't that this movie was bad, it was simply boring. The plot is weak and in no way engaging to the audience, and the pace of the movie as a whole is slow. They spend the majority of the time with monologues introducing the characters. Even the action was pretty sparse. There was one funny scene, and you see Eva Mendes's nude ass. That's really all the film had going for it. Miller should stick to writing comics and "co-directing." Don't waste your Christmas cash on this one.

CBM Contributor says...
The Spirit lame

No not go see this movie...i was one of 14 ppl in my local theatre who truly believed that above and beyond everything else, its a frank miller based flick...what could possibly be so bad about it...well, everything...listen to the critics for once...i know, i don't do it either but trust yourself the trouble... i do not walk out of movies, ever...and i walked out...

Spider-Fan says...
"The Spirit" - 1.5 out of 4 Stars
I was always in denial about how this movie could be bad, because i thought it looked amazing. I went in with the lowest expectations, only looking forward to the visual style and artistic backgrounds and wasn't disappointed, because the movie really wasn't that good at all.
At times it's good for a laugh and you begin to like some of the characters, but there are too many bad lines and it's even worse how their delivered. Miller tried to make everyone act in a 40's cheesy noir feel in a way to bring it back and make it be good, but he ultimately fails. Writing and comic and directing a movie are too VERY different things i hope he learns from this movie.

The Spirit, i thought, had a chance to be an iconic character (like if you see the superman symbol, you know who that is. If you see an all-black clad hero with a red tie, fedora and mask you know its the Spirit). But i almost think everything good about this movie is just wasted material because the story and acting is horrible. There were too many long, boring moments like when we discover Sand Saref's connection to the Spirit, or when the police chief talks to his daughter about the Spirit. The actual story of Octopus and the genetic engineering and the blood of Hercules and immortality and stuff was a complete WTF. This movie makes you feel like a crime noir, and Miller tries too hard to show that, then he brings you immortality ad Greek Gods and stuff. If they didn't have that and left how the Spirit is invincible to a mystery, almost like how the Joker popped up out of nowhere in the dark knight, it would have added to a certain mystique which would have made us care a little bit more about the Spirit like who is he really and how did he come to be? A lot of stuff is just randomly thrown in there and there's no easy flow to the movie. At times it's boring as all hell, next the screen explodes in colors and action and it's awesome.

Oh, yea the visuals were the thing that made me like this movie at all. It's awesome seeing the silhouette of the Spirit and his red tie flapping in the wind or him just running about in iconic poses. If this movie would have dropped the noir feel and made a movie in a normal atmosphere, with good acting and revolved around a crime war story more then searching for immortality, it would have been that much greater. I haven't read the comic at all so i don't know if these story points are in the comic but yea.


1.5 our of 4 stars.

CBM Contributor says...
It was written real well. His soliloquies were the best part of the movie. This would've worked great for a comic book, not the screen or not for Frank Miller's direction. He's a writer not a director.
The way the movie was shot and put together made it seem like a real good looking mess. Everything was just thrown in there. There was no real flow to the movie.

Oh, and the 'dramatic' part in the end where Spirit is kissing... what's her face.. in the 360 all around shot, goes to a shot of his real love interest calling him a bastard or something, and then goes back to showing the 360 shot of them kissing again was a horrible decision. People laughed at that...

Entertaining at best.

CBM Contributor says...
What could have helped The Spirit? It neededs more action. The Spirit could have more action and better sidekicks for the Villain and longer fight scenes, but it did have a good story to tell.
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The Spirit: User Reviews Compiled

The Spirit: User Reviews Compiled

Here is all you need to know about "The Spirit" movie. The hardcore comic book movie fans have spoken...
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