Close enough now to make it official: Thor was the biggest superhero film of 2011!

Close enough now to make it official:  Thor was the biggest superhero film of 2011!

Read the details to see if you agree.

Despite early estimates that Captain America had opened with $65,800,00 making it open almost $100,000 higher than Thor. has listed the actual openings for this years comicbook fare as totaling:

Domestic Summary-Thor-------X-Men: F C-----Green Lantern---Captain America
Total Wk________$65,723,338____$55,101,604___$53,174,303______$65,058,524

Total Domestic totals are as follows:

Domestic Summary-Thor-----------------X-Men: F C---------Green Lantern--------Captain America
Total Gross______$180,136,188____$144,210,364__$113,920,209_____$72,810,712*

*still in theaters will go higher

While it is possible that Captain America could do more money in the following weeks to pass Thor domestically. Its one foreign debut was a respectable $2.8 million in Italy. That's up 16 percent from the first Iron Man but way off from Thor's $5.6 million. All other foreign markets are expected to follow the same trend.

Worldwide Summary---Thor--------------X-Men: F C---------Green Lantern--------Captain America
Worldwide Gross_____$446,112,713___$347,210,364__$147,220,209___$75,610,712*
Foreign Gross_______$265,976,525___$203,000,000__$33,300,000**____ $2,800,000**

*still in theaters will go higher
**not yet released in all foreign markets

While money is not the only determining factor for a films success as seen in user ratings Thor comes in second to X-men F C and maybe third with Captain America in second:

Fresh rating----------------Thor-----------------X-Men: F C----Green Lantern---Captain America

* not done being reviewed

This rating puts all but Green Lantern as "Fresh" but,reviews are subjective and lets face it ratings do not pay the bills.

If Captain America can get a decent total overseas, all Marvel films can be considered a success.This leaves Green Lantern as the only disappointment of this years superhero releases for DC.

Thor on the other hand has passed Wolverine($179,883,157) domestically even though Wolvie has a bigger fan base. Making Thor Marvel's #8 film domestically and #3 all time non-sequel release and The biggest superhero movie of 2011.
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