Couple of Tweet Updates For Marvel's Thor!

Couple of Tweet Updates For Marvel's <i>Thor</i>!

Here I have a roundup of 'Thor' related tweets, that include the current filming status, When to expect pics, PLUS guys says THOR is in the IM2 Trailer.

My first set of tweets are from Gregory Littley, who tells me personally that his source is "undeniably solid and permanently aligned with the production".

He writes...
"Hearing gr8 things abt Chris Hemsworth in #THOR - The cast+crew are now in New Mexico for the next 5wks , filming 'crucial' scenes.

"stress on #Thor set...I'm hearing ppl are not getting along with Sir Anthony Hopkins + clashing with Dir. Kenneth Branagh 'vision'
28 minutes ago

My next Tweet isn't really an update, but insignificant and interesting to know. From a girl who apparently went to the set.

"Went to the set of Thor today, so many man-ponytails. "
about 19 hours ago

Again, the first two tweets are from a guy, who says his source undeniably aligned with the production.
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