Details on Thor & Loki Costumes For Marvel's Norse Adaption?

Details on Thor & Loki Costumes For Marvel's Norse Adaption?

Comments from AICN, give new details on Thor and even Loki costumes PLUS Comic-Con expectations.

Members of Ain't It Cook News, recently commented on an article involving Thor actor, Tom Hiddleston, joining a Woody Allen film. In their comments, two to be exact, posted by one guy. they expressed what apparently is their description of Thor and even Loki costumes for the feature film.

Note that these description aren't officially proven accurate, but you decide.

Here are the comments, by "IndustryKiller!" of AICN

Everyone looks absolutely perfect, right down tot he color scheme. ANd its straight up medieval future tech looking. And yes Loki has black straight hair even know Hiddleston is blonde and curly. THor is balls accurate though complete with cape, chain mail arms, the circles going down the front of the torso, and winged helmet.

I've seen the costumes, and they did absolutely fucking nail it. Very Walt Simonson. And I think my reputation as someone very critical of most comic book films procedes me here so I'm not just some excited fanboy. The only thing that is funny about Loki's costume is that while its gold and has the big horns sticking out, the helmet part of it, meaning the part that actually touches his head, kind of looks like a bicycle helmet, I think more so that it would, practically speaking, stay comfortable on the actor and not move around due to the horns. The warriors three are also the same kind of medieval future tech look, a little less traditional than the comic but still very very awesome and the look of each of the actors themselves is fucking dead on. Ray Stevenson looks especially cool in a chubby suit. Trust me, I think everyone here is going to be very very pleased as Branaugh just more or less adapted the comic. I was surprised at how well the looks work when translated into reality.

Apart from those great descriptions, AICN editor gave a heads up, of what to expect from Marvel at this year's comic-con, involving Thor of course.

it shouldn't be any surprise, but I've been hearing rumblings that those attending Comic-Con this year will get an eye-full. That's all I could pry from my usual Comic-Con leaker, but I'd bet the hope of Marvel Studios is to be the talk of the Con by bringing a ton of stuff and from what I hear it's looking good.

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