Did Clive Russell Just SPOIL A Huge THOR: THE DARK WORLD Cameo?

Did Clive Russell Just <font color=red>SPOIL</font> A Huge THOR: THE DARK WORLD Cameo?

The Game Of Thrones actor chats to Flicks And The City about his role as Tyr, God Of War in Marvel's upcoming Thor sequel. He doesn't go into too much detail, but he may just SPOIL a very interesting cameo! Click on to find out more..

In the below video interview, Russell chats about his upcoming turn as Thor's older brother Tyr in Thor: The Dark World. He talks about the differences between this movie and something like Game Of Thrones, the weapons Tyr may or may not wield, his fight sequences and what it's like working with actors the likes of Anthony Hopkins and Tom Hiddleston. But then around the 2.15 point he MIGHT just drop a major SPOILER regarding a certain cameo from a certain actor involved in a certain other upcoming Marvel project!

You watched? Okay, so it certainly sounded like Russell said he did a scene with Benicio del Toro (who is set to play The Collector in Guardians Of The Galaxy) in this Thor sequel, but there's always the chance he was talking about working with him on a different movie -- though by the context I think it unlikely! Is The Collector going to pop up in Thor: The Dark World? We shall see!

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