DrDoom Presents: My Pitch for THOR 3

DrDoom Presents: My Pitch for THOR 3

After the success and response to my previous editorial pitch for Captain America 3, DrDoom has decided to tackle Marvel's other guaranteed Phase Three sequel: Thor 3. Come check out what I think would be a great direction to take the God of Thunder's next quest!

"Here we remain as a beacon of hope, shining out across the stars . . . . and though we have fallen into man's myths and legends, it was Asgard, and its warriors, that brought peace to the universe. But the day will come when one of you will have to defend that peace." - Odin Borson

Unlike the Russo Brothers, who, for the foreseeable future, seem to have a hold on the Captain America franchise for Marvel Studios, the Thor series does not have a known showrunner. While Alan Taylor directed Thor: The Dark World, he has not confirmed if he will return for another installment, with unconfirmed and even outright denied rumours of behind the scenes drama during the film's production. Regardless, another Thor film has already been confirmed by Kevin Feige to be a part of Phase Three, but no release date has been set.

Thor: The Dark World was a considerable box office and lukewarm critical success, but seems to be somewhat divisive amongst fans. Unlike Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which had a nearly unanimous positive response from the fanbase, Thor: The Dark World has a fair share of both fans and detractors. Fans laud things about the film such as the strong character development, cast members, visuals and action, while detractors note the overuse of humour, underdeveloped villains and misplaced focus on secondary characters. Whether you think the film is good or not, it was much more successful financially than the first, and it left multiple story threads (including a last second, game-changing plot twist) which indicates that more Thor films will be in the MCU's future.

With this in mind, I will now outline what I feel would be an intriguing direction to take the third film in the series. While no doubt Avengers: Age of Ultron will have some effect on where Thor stands in the Marvel Cinematic Universe by the time this film comes about, I will structure my story so that it is as open as possible, in case some plot threads are closed off.

Thor: Chaos Quest

The film opens by showing the realm of Asgard under siege by the forces of the Rock Trolls, led by Ulik. Loki is on the throne, but is still masquerading as Odin, with no one in Asgard knowing the truth. Sif leads the charge against the horde of vicious monsters, followed by the Warriors Three. During the battle, they remark on how long Thor has been gone, but are able to ultimately defeat Ulik and take him to the dungeon. After he has been locked up, he raves about how the time of Asgard is running out.

"Do you really think that you can stay on top of the universe forever, while the rest of us rot in pits of suffering and agony? The Realm Eternal is a lie . . . . the time of the Asgardians will soon be at an end."

The Warriors Three laugh this off, but Sif takes it to heart, and begins thinking of how things have changed since Thor has gone. Attacks against Asgard have been getting worse, and the realm has fallen into a state of disarray because of it, with the resolve of their enemies growing stronger. While walking through a courtyard outside the palace, Sif sees a small girl whom she does not recognize. Chasing her and trying to find her, all she can get are glimpses, as well as the sound of her laughter. After a minute or so, she finds herself questioning her eyes, and discards the occurence from her memory. What she doesn't see is a woman in green garb looking at her from a balcony, smiling mischieviously.

"Your birthright was to die! As a child, cast out unto a frozen rock. If I had not taken you in, you would not be here now to hate me."

Inside of Odin's private quarters, Sif attempts to speak to him, asking him why the state of Asgard has become so militant, and why he himself seems to care only for war. Odin responds by saying that with the threats against Asgard at an all time high, he has no choice but to act as a warlord. Odin dismisses Sif, and then reveals a magical mirror to another dimension: Hel, the realm of the dead, ruled by Hela, his daughter, who has agreed to allow Loki to use her realm to hold Odin for the time being.

Reverting to his true form, Loki travels to a small, black, spiked cage suspended with charcoal chains above a bottomless abyss. Inside of the cage is a malnourished and sickly Odin, desperately clinging to life. His two pet ravens, Hugin and Munin, loyally stay at his side, concerned about their master. Loki scoffs at the ravens, shooing them away, before looking down upon the defeated All-Father. Odin pleads with Loki, saying that all he asks is for Asgard to be kept safe. Loki says that without being able to truly tap into the Odinforce, as the throne has not been abdicated to him, Asgard will be continously under siege. Odin claims to know what Loki is planning to do to steal the Odinforce, and begs for him to reconsider, on his soul. Loki retorts by saying that his soul died on the same rock in Jotunheim that Odin stole him from.

"The Nine Realms travel within Yggrasil, orbiting Midgard much the way your planets orbit the sun. And every five thousand years the worlds align perfectly, and we call this the Convergence. During this time, the borders between worlds become blurred. It's possible you found one of these points. We are lucky they remained open. Once the worlds pass out of alignment, then the connection is lost." - Thor Odinson

Since the end of the second film, Thor has lived on Earth with Jane Foster. Having stayed with her for over a year, he is already feeling the effects of knowing Jane's mortality, and has internalized feelings of angst and fear about losing the woman he loves. He then receives an urgent message from Heimdall, telling him that Odin requests his presence. Jane tells him that if he is needed at home, then he should go. Thor accepts this and has Heimdall bring him back to Asgard.

Upon arriving, Thor is welcomed, to his surprise, by feelings of mistrust by the populace of Asgard. They call him a deserter and a 'mortal-lover', having abandoned Asgard during its time of need to stay with a woman from Midgard while the wars get worse and worse. Thor responds by saying that he did not know how bad things had gotten. While Sif and the Warriors Three warmly welcome the return of their friend, everyone else seems to look at Thor with disdain, even, to a lesser extent, Heimdall.

Thor returns to the Asgardian throne chamber, and meets with Odin. Thor notes that Odin is almost uncharacteristically cheerful, considering the state of Asgard. He says that it is just because his favourite son has returned. Odin then claims that he has a task for Thor that only he can accomplish: he needs Thor to take Sif and the Warriors Three to the realm of Alfheim and retrieve the AxeHammer, a mystical weapon similar to Mjolnir that is allegedly infused with 'chaos magic', which used to belong to the Trolls. Thor asks if he is not better served acting as defense for Asgard, but Odin retorts that AxeHammer, which none of them have ever heard of, is the key to protecting the realm.

"All these years and you're still the same Sif. Doing as you're told, heeling at the feet of those who command you. Never to get what you desire. Not Heldor, not Thor. A man who considers you more pet than woman." - Lorelei

I want a major part of this film to deal with the complex relationship between Thor and Sif. They have been friends and comrades in battle for centuries, possibly even millennia. They are intrinsically linked, and yet there is also a tragic gap between them that hasn't really been explored up to this point. After they meet again, Sif is going to show a certain amount of resentment for Thor leaving Asgard to be with Jane, but have an internal conflict due to her love for him. A flashback scene will indicate that when they were children, Thor and Sif actually did have something of a romance, which developed as they trained together to become warriors and defenders of Asgard. However, they grew apart because of both Thor's affections for another young woman of Asgard, Amora, as well as Sif's need on multiple Asgardian war campaigns. Thus, they never quite rekindled the spark.

"He kept the truth from you so that you would never feel different. You are our son, Loki, and we your family." - Frigga

During their quest for AxeHammer, the team repeatedly questions the All-Father's wisdom and motives, saying that he seems to be out of touch with how the wars are going. However, Fandral mentioned that he has brought this up with Heimdall, and that he is unable to see any treachery. What they do not realize, is that Loki has actually joined forces with Amora, who has taken on the name of 'The Enchantress'. She agreed to assist him in his scheme in exchange for recapturing her younger sister Lorelei (whom she despises), as well as the promise of becoming the Queen of Asgard.

While both Loki and Amora are masters of magic, they each have a different special talent: Loki's is physical illusions, which has been shown in previous films, while Amora's is empathetic manipulation, as in, the ability to change one's emotional state. She has been using this to get the people of Asgard to be angry with Thor, as well as to be content with Loki's incompetent ruling. She is also the one responsible for clouding Heimdall's mind so that he does not realize what is truly happening.

During the time while Thor and his team are away on their 'quest', Loki (as Odin) calls a meeting with the other rulers of the realms, including Faradei, ruler of the Elves, Alflyse, the ruler of what is left of the Dark Elves, Eitri, ruler of the dwarves, and Grundroth, the ruler of the Frost Giants. He claims that he wants to call a truce on the wars of Asgard due to hearing of an ancient prophecy that foretells the destruction of Yggdrasil, which will annihilate all of existence. The other rulers agree to the truce, on the condition that Odin brings them evidence to prove the credibility of this 'universe-ending' threat.

"You will become darkness, cursed to this existence until it consumes you. Until then, no power our enemies possess can stop you." - Malekith the Accursed

Thor and his team reach the end of their quest by finding the AxeHammer and returning it to Asgard. Odin congratulates them on their success, but Thor feels confused by the seeming lack of point to the quest given how the AxeHammer itself is a seemingly small, insignificant weapon. Thor then notes that Odin again refers to him as his 'favourite son', when he is the only living son he has, as well as the fact that he has not seen Hugin or Munin, who almost never leave Odin's side. Loki slips by asking 'Who?' at the mention of the ravens, and Thor realizes that it is an imposter and attacks Odin, revealing Loki's true form.

Loki then shouts for Amora's assistance, who reveals herself by transforming from the small girl that Sif saw earlier into her true form. Amora, who hated Sif for the competition she gave for Thor's heart as children, had been previously toying with her. Amora opens a portal to Hel, which catapults the team down there. Upon arriving, they see Odin in his cage. Before they can help him, Amora then opens a stone slab, which releases the soul of Kurse, the strongest of the Dark Elves, who died during the last film. Having been brought back to life (and fulfilling the prophetic nature of Loki saying that he will 'see him in Hel'), Kurse attacks and engages in an epic battle with Thor, Sif, and the Warriors Three.

"With the boiling hatred of a billion billion souls, we live again! By Odin's foul treachery, we were imprisoned! But now, to vengeance! To Asgard! Odin! We come for you!" - Mangog

With Kurse distracting the heroes, Loki takes AxeHammer to a secret pedestal inside of Hel. It is revealed that this pedestal is the holding place of Mangog, an ancient, nearly indestructible creature powered by the hatred of a billion souls that Odin extinguished in a Great War thousands of years ago. Odin tapped into chaos magic, which was the only way to contain the beast, to create AxeHammer and the pedestal. Before it was imprisoned, Mangog boasted that it would destroy Yggdrasil and end existence as a means of revenge against Odin if it were to ever be released.

After Sif defeats Kurse by kicking him into the bottomless abyss under Odin's cage, the Warriors Three run to it and attempt to free the All-Father. Thor tries to reason with Loki, but to no avail; Loki uses AxeHammer to open the pedestal and release Mangog. It is revealed that Loki's plan was for Mangog to destroy Yggdrasil, which has an avatar in Odin's Palace, and release the Odinforce. Then, Loki would join with the Odinforce so that he would truly become the legitimate successor to the throne of Asgard, and thus become one of the most powerful beings in the universe, whom the other leaders of the Nine Realms would follow because of how he saved all of existence.

"I'm not your brother. I never was." - Loki Laufeyson

Mangog attacks with all his rage, overpowering Thor easily and destroying much of Hel as he claws his way to Asgard. Thor tells the Warriors Three to help Odin, while he and Sif return to Asgard to battle Mangog. Loki and Amora teleport to Asgard and watch as Mangog carves a path of death and destruction on his way to the Yggdrasil avatar in Odin's Palace. Thor and Sif arrive, and they engage in a two on two battle as Mangog marches onward in the background.

As the battle spills into the Yggdrasil chamber, Mangog breaks in, and Thor tries with all his might to repel the beast. Despite this, he fails, and Mangog destroys Yggdrasil, shattering the fabric of reality itself. However, at this moment, Sif slashes at Loki's back, and she yells for Thor to leap forward. He does, joining with the freed Odinforce. Becoming the true All-Father, Thor uses his new powers to heal Yggdrasil, repair the damage to reality, and to reseal Mangog within the pedestal inside of Hel. Thor takes the war criminals Loki and Amora, and gives them to Hela, who wants revenge on her father for the near-destruction of her realm by Mangog. Hela agrees to keep the two in a state of 'living death'; freezing them inside of a slab of magical ice, where they will be conscious, but unable to affect the world around them.

"Loki, for all his grave imbalance understood rule as I know I never will. The brutality, the sacrifice. It changes you. I'd rather be a good man than a great king."

With the universe saved, Thor heals Odin's wounds. Odin tells Thor that now that the Odinforce has been passed on to his successor, he cannot have it returned to him. Knowing his newfound responsibility, he speaks to Jane one last time, telling her that although she will always have a place in his heart, he now has no choice but to remain as the King of Asgard. Taking his place on the throne, the people of Asgard chant the name of the new All-Father.

So what do you think? Is this the sort of film you would like to see in Thor 3? Let me know in the comments section!
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