Idris Elba Talks Briefly About Thor

Idris Elba Talks Briefly About Thor

Idris Elba Talks Briefly About <i>Thor</i>

The actor gives a short description of starting on Thor, and what his character, Heimdall is using for a weapon.

It was announced a while back that actor Idris Elba, would be joining the cast of Marvel's Thor, as Heimdall. He is currently the only black actor in the cast, and Asgard. Check out what he had to say.

"Yeah man I`m filming that in Febuary, that`s gonna be excellent, I can`t say too much about it though, they`ve signed me to silence, it`s a big Marval comic, it`s exciting, I`ve got a big sword, a real big sword!"

MarvelFreshman: As much as I like the idea of black gods in Asgard, I sure hope they have a great explanition in the film, for why the guardian of Asgard's Rainbow bridge, is darker than everyone else. I think they should go in the direction, where there are different races all over, or in defferent portions of Asgard. That would be awesome. What do you think?
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