In Defense of Malekith

In Defense of Malekith

Malekith has taken a lot of heat ever since he took over our movie screens two months ago. I'm here to shed some new light on the misunderstood villain that will hopefully make you reexamine your assessment of him.

1. He has posed the biggest threat so far in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

From what we've seen, no villain yet has threatened to destroy the universe. Red Skull and Loki have come the closest, but all they really wanted to do was take over the earth. I think it's safe to say that both of them would prefer the universe still be standing after they succeed. Even Thanos has given no indication he wants to destroy the universe. Maybe kill everything in it, but certainly not end its existence. Most villains would probably be willing to even team up with the heroes if it was necessary to defeat Malekith. That's the sign of a good threat.

2. He came really close to actually destroying the universe

Loki invaded New York City sure, but even if he managed to defeat the Avengers that still leaves 99% of the earth left to be subjugated. Malekith was literally only a couple of minutes away from destroying everything in our universe. Say what you will, but I've yet to see a villain get so close to actually achieving their goal.

3. He looks(and sounds) cool as hell

Part of my problem with the Iron Man 3 twist was that Aldrich Killian looked no where near as threatening as Ben Kingsley. I guess that's the point, but still, as a comic book fan, I like my villains to wear extravagant costumes and look menacing. And Malekith does not disappoint in this area. One look at him and you know he's going to cause trouble. Also he sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger on sulfur hexaflouride. A perfect combination if you ask me.

4. He's the perfect foil to Loki

While Loki's running around getting a bunch of fangirls because he's so emotionally tormented, Malekith is here to just fuck shit up. Did a Thor movie really need another villain who's unsure about himself? No, Malekith knew exactly why he was here and was willing to do whatever it took to make that happen, including getting struck in the face by lightning or turning his best friend into the Predator.

5. It took several generations of Asgardians(and humans) to actually take him down.

This guy didn't just come out of left field nor was he quickly defeated. He's got the patience of a saint, having to wait 5,000 years before he could continue with his plans. It took Thor's grandfather and the entire Asgardian army to prevent him from going through with them the first time, but even then it was Malekith that destroyed his own army so that he could escape. Not to mention he existed prior to the universe so he's seen some shit. And since Galactus doesn't exist here, Malekith is probably the wisest person there is. Even if you don't want him to succeed, you have to admit that if anyone has a good enough reason to destroy the universe it would be him.

So there it is, hopefully this can make you appreciate Malekith a bit more next time you watch TDW. I feel like he's a criminally underrated villain who hasn't received enough praise simply because he's not as complex as Loki. Malekith is like the Joker in the sense that he just came along, made some major damage, and left never to be seen again. Hopefully this can help you look at the character in a new light. Thanks for reading!
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