Is The "Leaked" Thor Script A Fake?

Is The "Leaked" Thor Script A Fake?

Read the "leaked" Thor script? Find out here why I believe it's a fake.

Let me start off by saying that when I first read the alleged leak of the Thor script, my inner Fanboy jumped with joy. The script is so well written, and seems to follow the trailers and comic-con footage pretty acurately. It makes a lot of sense and seems as though it were written by a professional or something close. I decided to do some reasearch, mostly out of curiosity and i found some interesting info/evidence i want to share with you all.

As shown in this screen-grab of the script every little "script footer" or yellow note seems to have the same exact name on it...

As you can clearly see the name on every one of those footers says Brendon McGrody.

Immediately I went to IMDB to check the names of the THOR script writers. This is what is listed.

Writing credits
Ashley Miller (screenplay) (as Ashley Edward Miller) &
Zack Stentz (screenplay) and
Don Payne (screenplay)

J. Michael Straczynski (story) and
Mark Protosevich (story)

Stan Lee (comic book) &
Larry Lieber (comic book) &
Jack Kirby (comic book)

Naturally I became very suspicious so i decided to google the name "Brandon McGrody".

These are some sites/twitter accounts/other links that I found.

His Writers Account
- Seems to be a site for non-professional writers to get some of their stuff out. His name is there, again.

His Script Buddy Account - A script written by this "Brandon" guy on a site for amateur script writers. Seems awfully similar (style-wise) to the alleged Thor script.

You can also tell he is a HUGE Marvel/Comic fan if you simply check out his Twitter account.

I've found various other accounts that sport the same picture and they really seem like the same person.

As you can see from this somewhat obsessive and down-right creepy investigation by yours truly, I believe that the script was nothing more than a fake.

I've sent an e-mail to this Brandon guy to ask him a few more questions, but for now is it safe to assume that this is NOT an official script?

Again feel free to discuss in the usual place, and if you want more proof just Google his name.
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