LMFA0's C+ Review of Thor

LMFA0's C+ Review of Thor

I promised that when I saw the movie I would write this review and here it is

The weekend that Thor came out i wrote on one of the articles about how much money Thor had made that a friend of mine had seen the movie and that him and the rest of the theater booed the movie after it was over. Being fair, I was finally able to see the movie with my girlfriend over the weekend and my thoughts will be explained below. Before that i will write the conversation between my friend and I about why he booed and why he felt that he was "cheated of a coherent superhero movie"

Me: "So why did you dislike this movie?"
Aaron:"First off, I thought the beginning was very entertaining but once the movie shifted to the Earth scenes, I felt that the writers just kinda said 'F**k it! Let's just rush this thing and go home!'

Me: "What was so wrong with the movie once the movie went to Earth?"
Aaron: "Well, I just felt that the movie started to rush character development and plot as the movie went on. Like when Thor suddenly became humble after not being able to lift the hammer. I dont get it. How can someone who has been arrogant and cocky his whole life just suddenly change over this small event? I understand that this is just a movie but people who murder people and are sent to jail still dont change after years, why would he just change?"

Me: "Honestly I never thought about that in that way but i guess you could be right. What else?"
Aaron: "Once again, I know this is just a movie, but the whole love stuff between Jane and Thor was so lame. After thinking he was insane and only knowing him so a few days, they were suddenly in love? It just doesnt make sense to me."

Me: "Like you said, It is just a movie though. Could overhype be a reason why you were so disappointed?"
Aaron: "All I heard was how amazing it was from people who saw it in England and Australia online so going in I figured it was going to be an amazing movie and it was just average at the most. It left me wanting more, but in a bad way. Yes, I will still see Captain America but i figured Thor would be the best movie out of the Super Hero movies coming out this summer so my hopes are pretty low."

The phone conversation went on like that for a while but needless to say he has made some good points about why the movie wasnt as great as he thought it would be.

I will have to agree with him on everything he said but for somewhat different reasons. The movie cost $150 million or so and I just felt like for that kind of money and no big stars taking up a lot of money, the movie could have been so much better. It was very rushed and very predictable. The characters themselves were basic motifs of classic Shakespearean characters like Thor being the arrogant son, Odin being the all knowing father, and Loki being the obviously untrustworthy villain. None of the characters waned from the motifs that have been around for as long as stories have been told. You knew from the very beginning that Loki was evil and that he was going to try and do something to destroy Thor. For such a smart, devious character, he was very see though from the get go.

The biggest problem I had with the movie is that the character development and plot suffered the whole movie. With only being an hour and forty five minutes, this story was just too big to tell in such a small time frame. If Marvel was smart they would have made it at least two hours if not longer in order to fully build a strong story that didnt jump from one thing to the next with little explanation.

I liked this movie and I left the theater still pretty excited about the Avengers, but after 10 minutes or so the thrill had already left me and i realized the movie I just spent $20 on was just a shell of the movie it could have been. That left me disappointed and wanting so much more.

My girlfriend who knows nothing about comic books (nor does she care whatsoever) liked the movie too but basically felt the same way. Right after the ending when the credits were rolling she said, "Was that it? I hope they make a Thor 2." I think that sums up my feelings all to well. I hope the next time out they make a much more coherent movie that explores more of the Realm of Asgard and Thor himself. But i fear that because of the Love story set up between Thor and Jane, Thor 2 will be mainly on Earth with very little in Asgard.

I will give Thor a C+ just for being entertaining and leaving much more to be desired in the future. Let me know what you think below.

P.S. With the Bifrost being destroyed and Thor "stuck" in Asgard, how much of the Avengers do you think they will take explaining how Thor got to Earth? Will they spend 10 minutes or just skip over explaining it and just have him say he found on the "backdoors" that Loki talked about?
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