Marvel's 'Thor The Dark World' Makes It Onto IMDB's 'Top 10 Highest-Rated Films of 2013'

Marvel's 'Thor The Dark World' Makes It Onto IMDB's 'Top 10 Highest-Rated Films of 2013'

IMDB has compiled a list of the highest user rated films of 2013, and coming in at number eight on that list is The God Of Thunder himself

The people have spoken, and it seems like 8 is the magic number for Odinson. Not only is his realm hopping sequel a virtual lock for the 8th spot on the list of the highest grossing films of 2013, he has also placed number 8 on IMDB's highest user rated films of 2013 based on user ratings


"The top 10 highest-rated movies of 2013. These rankings are based on IMDb user ratings for films released in 2013 with at least 25,000 votes"

Gravity 8.4/10

Rush 8.3/10

Hunger Games Catching Fire 8.1/10

Before Midnight 8.1/10

Prisoners 8.1/10

Captain Phillips 8.1/10

Star Trek Into Darkness 7.9/10

Thor The Dark World 7.6/10

The Conjuring 7.5/10

Despicable Me 7.5/10

While it's critic scores were nothing to write home about, Thor: The Dark World does have the highest user ratings of any of this year's CBMs on the 3 major movie sites (Rotten Tomatoes, IMDB and Metacritic). Also, this list is not to be confused with a list posted a few days ago which featured IMDB's list of the most popular movie pages based on page visits.

With news earlier today that the film has crossed $620M worldwide, Marvel must be more than pleased with the reception to the second solo film featuring the god of thunder

Special shout out to CBM user TheHeat for bringing this to my attention
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