New THOR Interview with Ironhead Studio On Costumes!

New <i>THOR</i> Interview with Ironhead Studio On Costumes!

See what they had to say about the proccess of the costume design, and which other movies they may be working on.

Comicus, an Italian comic book movie site, recently interviewed Jose Fernandez, the head of Ironhead studios. They talk about Marvel's THOR, and the proccess of making the costumes. Check out the great read below.

When did you start working on Thor?
We were one of the shops contracted by the costume department to assist in fabricating the hard elements of the costumes, i.e. helmets, breastplates, armor, etc. These characters included Loki, Hogun, Siph, Fandral, and also for Thor we did the helmet.

Can you explain in detail the working process that IronHead Studios made for Thor?
I had little to no dealings with Mr. Branagh. I was working through and for Alexandra Byrne, I took all creative leads from her. All the design came from Alex and the Studio though we did have a bit of influence in Loki's and Thor's helmets. All the design and line work was there in a 2 dimensional drawing, we were able to finesse them into the three dimensional world. For instance if you were to give ten people a drawing you would get ten different results so I'd like to think that there is a little bit of the studio in there somewhere.

In this film did you only work at characters’ costumes or rather at the creatures that we’ll see in, too?
We only worked on costumes on this one.

What’s the greatest challenge you deal with in Thor?
The biggest challenge, I think, was trying to have the stunt armor replicate the hero armor, as the stunt armor is cast out of a flexible urethane that is difficult to paint.

What about IronHead Studios future projects? Is there another upcoming superheroes movie?
As a matter of fact we are currently working the Avengers and we just finished working on the new Spiderman. There are a few others that I can't mention just yet.

Sounds great! Can't wait to see Thor coming May 6th, 2011. For the full interview, click the link below.
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