Has the Soul Stone been found? Find out the nature of the Soul Stone and its connection to Asgard.

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There are many theories as to where the Soul Stone is in the Thor movies. The most accepted theory is that Heimdall has it, but is he really the possessor of the stone?

Heimdall is thought of as the most likely possessor of the stone because:

A. His eyes are orange

B. He has an orange jewel on his armour

C. His name starts with "H"

D. He said he could see ten trillion souls.

However, though there is a lot of evidence that points to Heimdall being the possessor of the Soul Stone there is even more evidence that there is another possessor, a much more powerful possessor... ODIN!


Many of Odin's on-screen feats are very similar to the abilities of the Soul Stone. This being the case, it is surprising that no one seems to believe that Odin himself wields the stone.

Now, let us compare Odin's powers, with those of the Soul Stone.

SOUL STONE: Has the ability to steal powers
ODIN: Stripped Thor of his powers when he banished him to Earth

SOUL STONE: Can revert individuals to their natural state
ODIN: Changed the natural state of Loki from a Frost Giant to an Asgardian

SOUL STONE: Can see or sense souls
ODIN: Sensed the presence of Frost Giants in Asgard when they attacked his treasury

SOUL STONE: Can read souls
ODIN: Imbued Mjolnir with the ability to read the soul of anyone trying to wield it

SOUL STONE: Can use force blasts
ODIN: Has been shown with the ability to shoot powerful orange energy blasts, capable of disintegrating most foes.

All of the above said, you can see that Odin's powers mirror perfectly the powers of the mysterious Soul Stone. However, this does not mean Odin is the only wielder of the Soul Stone as it seems Odin and Heimdall both wield the Soul Stone, though i believe Odin holds the lion's share of power.


In "Age of Ultron" Thor has a vision of the Asgardians presumably deceased, and with Heimdall blinded. For those who believed Heimdall to be the one and only wielder of the stone, This was proof that Thanos took the stone from him. However, such people were not looking at the bigger picture, the one right before their eyes.

In the comics, the Soul Stone housed a heavenly dimension within itself, populated by captured souls. In Viking mythology when someone died in battle, they were taken to Valhalla. It appears that this pocket dimension is where the Asgardians were in Thor's vision, and that it will in fact be Hel or Valhalla in the MCU! This being the case, it seems clear that the afterlife will be a big part of Thor Ragnarok, as it is rumored that Valkyries (ie. Odin's warrior Goddesses) will be making an appearance in the upcoming film.


It seems that the Soul Stone is the life force of all Asgardians, known in the comics as the Odinforce/Odinpower. As it is there life force they are born with much more power than any other race as well as having semi immortality. When Asgardians die their souls enter the realm of the Soul Stone known as Hel, Valhalla or Heven. Odin as the All-Father of Asgard wields the full power of the Soul Stone, while Heimdall uses it to see ten trillion souls. If the stone indeed has a pocket dimension than the "H" in Thanos name could stand for Hel or Heven. Of course, its what form the stone will take in the film, as the Odinforce is energy; however, after reviewing the evidence in this report, it would seem that Thor Ragnarok will indeed be the most important film of phase 3!

Please post your thoughts.... for Odin and for Asgard!


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