Soundtrack Listing For THOR Revealed!

Soundtrack Listing For THOR Revealed!

Soundtrack Listing For <i>THOR</i> Revealed!

While only available for pre-order, the soundtrack listing for Kenneth Branagh's epic tale of THOR has been revealed, with somewhat spoilers and events chronologically, Check it out!

Tipped from 'RealIronMan' of Spidermedia, the folks over at Film Music Reporter have found the soundtrack listing for Marvel & Kenneth Branagh's much-anticipated THOR movie. With the album consisted of an original score from composer Patrick Doyle, check out the listing below, which reveals chronologically pivotal events from the film.

1. Chasing The Storm
2. Prologue
3. Sons Of Odin
4. A New King
5. Ride to Observatory
6. To Jotunheim
7. Laufey
8. Frost Giant Battle
9. Banishment
10. Crisis In Asgard
11. Odin Confesses
12. Hammer Found
13. Urgent Matter
14. The Compound
15. Loki’s Lie
16. My Bastard Son
17. Science and Magic
18. The Destroyer
19. Forgive Me
20. Thor Kills The Destroyer
21. Brothers Fight
22. Letting Go
23. Can You See Jane?
24. Earth To Asgard

The soundtrack available for pre-order via Amazon, linked below, THOR hits theaters May 6, in 3D!
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