Suggestions for Thor 2...

Suggestions for <i>Thor 2</i>...

Everyone has their own ideas as to what the sequel will have and who should be in it. These are mine!

Marvel Studios is planning on releasing Thor 2 on July 26, 2013. Chris Hemsworth and pretty much most of the original cast will be reprising their roles in the sequel. No director as of yet as Kenneth Branagh has bowed out for the sequel. Don Payne, who helped write the first one, is set to write the sequel.


Since 3 realms were explored in the first film (Asgard, Midgard (Earth), and Jotunheim ), it makes sense that they will be exploring more of the remaining 6.

1. Vanaheim: Home to the Vanir, masters of sorcery and magic
2. Nidavellir: Home of the Dwarves
3. Muspelheim: Home to the fire demons
4. Alfheim: Home to the Light Elves
5. Svartalfheim: Home to the Dark Elves
6. Niffleheim: The realm of death where Hel is located

Personally, I am hoping they explore ALL of them, but that is just me being the greedy Thor fan that I am. But, if I had to choose, I would have to say that Niffleheim MUST be in this one. Visually it could be something we have never seen on the big screen before. AND the ruler of Niffleheim is Loki's daughter... Hela.

I know alot of people would love to see Amora and The Executioner in the sequel which is totally cool with me. But I also think they need to have something a bit darker this time around. Something, in my opinion, that was lacking in the first film. Having said that, if they need any casting suggestions as to who should play Hela, my personal favorite would be Eva Green.

Most of you know her from "Casino Royale." In order to see why I think Eva would be the perfect Hela, you need to watch the recently cancelled "Camelot" series and watch her breathe so much life and darkness into the character Morgan. After I saw the series, it couldn't have been more clear. So evil, so devious, so dark, so sexy...

Hel and Eva Green as Hela in Thor 2. Marvel make it happen!!!!
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