Syfy's The Almighty Thor

Syfy's The Almighty Thor

You know Syfy had to do it so here is a short review of The Almighty Thor. Spoilers...but really who cares.

Directed By Christopher Ray

Richard Grieco plays Loki and is the only Veteran actor...thats not saying much.

Thor is played by an unknown named Cody Deal...with his acting skills how did he get the "Deal" to star in this.

Patricia Velasquez plays some girl named Jarnsaxa, who is like Sif. She's played in the Mummy movies. Her acting is probably the best in this movie besides Grieco.

Kevin Nash plays something Resembling the character known as Odin.

Some other guy plays Balder but he's unimportant.

Story: So basically Loki is after the Hammer of Invincibility. He goes on a mad rampage destroying Asgard, which apparently is Valhalla too. Loki kills Odin, but not before throwing the hammer in another dimension, or something. Thor comes to the side of Odin, after being punked like a bitch by some big dog, and with Odin's dying breath tells Thor it's up to him. So then a bunch of crap happens, I missed parts of it to cook a hot pocket. After a little bit of running around the fake Sif and Thor go to Midguard, Thor cries like a bitch for an hour and finally gets the hammer. He cries some more and finally defeats Loki somehow. I missed the battle but I'm sure it wasn't epic at all.

Rating: 1

Pros:Richard Grieco, hot ass Patricia Velasquez, and it was called Thor.

Cons:Everything else.
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