That's Thor in the Iron Man 2 Trailer!

That's Thor in the Iron Man 2 Trailer!

That's Thor in the <i>Iron Man 2</i> Trailer!

According to a creative designer involved with the film, Thor not only has a cameo in Iron Man 2 but we should be getting official photos in the next few weeks

A few weeks ago, a French featurette about Iron Man 2 garnered speculation that Thor had brief appearance (see the above image).

Gregory Littley, a Branding Consultant and Creative director who specializes in social media, has updated his Twitter account with the following message:

Littley later confirmed to me that this featurette is the video he was referring to:

Chris Hemsworth, who is portraying Thor, was recently sited with a short beard during an interview with MTV NEWS. In the French Iron Man 2 video, you can see a blond, bearded man getting photographed in the police station holding Tony Stark's nemesis Whiplash. You can view the featurette below and gauge it's credibility for yourself.

If photos for the Thor are timed to be released alongside Iron Man 2 hitting theaters, it would hit that the Norse hero does indeed have a presence in the film.

You know the drill, CBMers, Confirm or Debunk below. . .
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