THEORY: Could the Tesseract be the key in restoring the Bifrost?

THEORY: Could the Tesseract be the key in restoring the Bifrost?

Check out my theory.

I`ll get right to the point. For a while I`ve been thinking that the tesseract could be a replacement for the Bifrost. Now before you shower me with reasons why this is a complete buwer you with reasons why it`s possible.

Ok so we already know that the tesseract can bring us to different worlds. At first I thought it could only bring us to thanos` world but thor brought Loki back to Asgard with it. We know that it`s Asgardian in nature because the 2nd scenes from both THOR and CA:TFA are set in the same place with different times. Now keeping in mind what those 2 scenes are about it`s safe to say that Odin brought down the tesseract when the frost giants attacked earth.

So it comes from asgard and the Asgardians know it`s power. Odin sent Thor down in The Avengers to get Loki and the tesseract. Conclusion: maybe the Asgardians were holding the tesseract as a backup plan just in case the Bifrost ever failed them. So now that they have it they can use it to replace and/or restore the Bifrost.

Also I was looking at this image:

and I noticed that there was little dot in there like planets and realms like the Bifrost. So maybe it works like the Bifrost?

Well thats all I got. Don`t forget to comment. avengers72 out
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