THOR Concept Art Reveals One Of Marvel Studios' Earliest Designs For The God Of Thunder

THOR Concept Art Reveals One Of Marvel Studios' Earliest Designs For The God Of Thunder

Marvel Studios concept artist Charlie Wen has shared one of his earliest designs for the God of Thunder, revealing how the character was imagined for his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe...

After Mjolnir's arrival on Earth was teased at the end of Iron Man 2, the God of Thunder made his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut the following year with 2011's Thor. Chris Hemsworth suited up as the character, but when the casting process was still taking place, many fans (on this very site, believe it or not) wanted WWE Superstar Triple H to play the character!

While it's unlikely Marvel Studios ever considered casting "The Game," you can (coincidentally) sort of see him in this very early design for the iconic hero before Chris Hemsworth was chosen. 

It's a cool, slightly more Viking take on the Asgardian hero, and definitely a badass design. Thor even has some tattoos, while his hammer looks more like a mallet than the Mjolnir from the comics. This could have worked in live-action, but Marvel Studios ultimately ended up embracing the source material.

Check out the artwork - along with Park's comments - below:

#throwbackthursday that a thing? Well, either way, here’s a throwback to the very first #thor I had done. It was at Marvel Studio’s infancy, directly after Iron Man 1 -- I had a meeting the next morning with Kevin Feige to talk about designing a Marvel Cinematic Universe. I was so nerve-racked, I decided to paint my first Thor (which I included in the meeting;). You can see how this very first Thor image still had bits left over from spending 6 years developing the fantasy look of the #godofwar games. but even then, I really thought the Celtic knotting and interweaving shapes were working well, so I was super happy to be able to work those elements into the final #thor #designs for the films:) * * * * #thor #marvel #marvelstudios #hammer #superhero #comicbookmovie # #celtic #design

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