Thor Review - German Preview Screening (No Story Spoilers)

Thor Review - German Preview Screening (No Story Spoilers)

Does the Odinson show himself worthy to become a mighty part in the creation of the Marvel Movieverse? Or is it just an empty battery? If you wanna know, have a look.

This will be my first review ever and I also will not write in my own language. So let us see where this "Journey into Mystery" leads us. :)

Long story short, "Thor" is the best adaption that Marvel Studios has released (until now). The movie scores high with an awesome cast from well known oscar winners to newcomers and a brilliant director who manages to bring all of them together to a fantasy fest that will lead you into the outspaced realmes of the Marvel Universe.

The film has almost no lengths and offers action, drama and comedy without even a second to waste. At the beginning, the viewer is captivated by Odin's voice through out the history of Asgard and there is no warm-up time for the audience, here's the reality as we know it to end and that's the truth! There are several dimensions and we accept it favorably.

Which brings us to Asgard. The men and women of the CGI team have done a wonderful job. The world shines and shines and offers some majestic views. By mountains, mystical flying buildings up to the inner halls and the throne room of Odin, an epic feeling is spreading that we have not yet seen in a comic book adaptation.

Exactly the same quality is found in the numerous effects from Thors lightning and flying to the Destroyer who makes an imposing figure on the big screen. Marvel seems to have placed considerable emphasis on creating believable worlds. Likewise, they succeeded with the world of the frost giants. And they are really huge and impressive!

The action is intense in Thor, and has been well established. When we see how he spins around his hammer, and the frost giants are literally smashed, one can only hope not to be within striking distance. The Choreogafie of the fighting is really good and, as Chris has already mentioned, they invented their own fighting style.

The drama comes across well and the depth of relationships and problems are presented credible. Thor's inner transformation and its change from the snooty son to the caring future king of Asgard has credibility in any way. Even the little romance between Thor and Jane is not too cheesy. You notice that Chris Hemsworth as Thor has a charismatic appeal, which makes him incredibly intersting.

The funny moments, which refer to the period in which he finds himself lost in the realm of midgard are just a few but they really add some relaxing moments to the story. The audience enjoyed this scenes with loud laughs and I think the jokes were translated very well from the english language. Thor is defintely the funniest of the Marvel movies, but in a really good way. No cheesiness!! :)

The cast is really good. Chris plays Thor very diverse and interesting. I am excited to see him again soon in that role. Tom is brilliant as Loki. He is the god of mischief. My friends, who are not so familiar with the world of marvel, could not tell what he was up to, until the revealing moments. Natalie and Anthony play their roles with dedication, even if it is for actors of their quality not so much of a trouble. It's seems easy for them, but they know how to be comitted to a role even when they are not the main characters. Heimdall is impressive, and definitely the right choice. The Warriors Three are funny, but as in another review mentioned, unfortunately too seldom seen. Kat is the quirky part and Stellan the scientific father figure for the character of Jane. They add to the ensemble perfectly.

Gregg as Coulsen is as good as ever. The good thing is that Shield really stays in the backround.

The music is fitting and acts imposing. The 3D effects were good and made the movie a special experience. But I think the film looks even better in 720P/1080p.

I'm not going to post any rating, but as an Marvel/Comic Fanboy this movie fulfilled all my expectations! We are talking Iron Man and the Dark Knight right here.

As an movie itself, it was a funny flick with sometimes overstylized visuals and a hard to believe story. But the movie was well done and the script is probably the most epic in an comicbook adaption.
But you should not go into Thor if you are expecting the type of Lars von Trier artificial movie. :)

I hope I did not forget anything what I wanted to tell you. If I have, please ask me and I will update my review.

Thats it folks,
kind regards from your german sidekick,


The easter eggs are little and neat. We get the gamma scientist reference and we see Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton. It seemed that his bow had a slighty purple touch. But no mentioning of Hank Pym.
If I'm guessing right you can catch a glimpse of the ifinity gauntlet and the eye of agamotto. And as some of you already know, we get to see the cosmic cube after the credits.
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