Thor Roundtables: Chris Hemsworth on Thor

<em>Thor</em> Roundtables: Chris Hemsworth on Thor

CBM's Brent Sprecher interviews the cast of Thor! In this segment, Chris Hemsworth discusses the fun of playing Thor, drawing inspiration from Buddha's journey, and how he "forgot" to take Mjolnir home!

Australian actor Chris Hemsworth seems comfortable in the role of the Norse God of Thunder in Thor, Marvel's next big comic book adaptation, saying that he had a lot of fun in the role despite the pressures upon him. In this semi-exclusive roundtable interview from the San Diego Comic-Con, Hemworth discusses how he almost lost the role to his younger brother, Liam, how he drew inspiration from Buddha's journey as chronicled in Herman Hesse's Siddhartha, how he is going to "sort out" who's tougher, him or Chris Evans after the interview, and how he "forgot" to take Mjolnir home with him after the shoot!

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