THOR: SIEGE ( my newest live action movie plot series idea)

THOR: SIEGE ( my newest live action movie plot series idea)

THOR: SIEGE ( my newest live action movie plot series idea)

Another path Marvel could go in Phase 4. This continues my GOD BUTCHER and Avengers Disassembled storylines, but can be read by itself.

rating: PG 13 (sci-fi fantasy violence)


Thor returns home to Asgard where Odin is in a great and long Odinsleep after the events of Infinity War. Thor has a heavy heart looking down on Earth, seeing the death and destruction. Thor knows Odin shall not wake for a long time so he decrees that Asgard shall move to Earth, some of the Asgardians are angered by this but none dare challenge Thor. Asgard enters Earths atmosphere, causing panic among the mortals. The leaders of the Earth send Iron Man to talk with Thor and see why he had come. Tony flies to Asgard and tells Thor that Earth will not tolerate Asgard meddling in its affairs, Thor replies saying he has come in peace, to aid Earth as the gods should have done long ago. Tony goes back to the world leaders and tells them what has happened, they are very troubled by Thor's words. Tony and the Illuminati watch the Asgardians, to make sure they dont cause any problems. The Asgardians stop wars around the world, bring food to starving nations,cure all diseases and the church of Thor becomes widespread accross the world. The leaders of Earth are beyond angry, their power is slipping through their fingers, but they are scared to act for fear of the people, for Thor is worshipped by millions. Sif and a group of Asgardians protect a secret Shield base from Hydra, but inside the base they find the Mind stone. Thor is extremely displeased and calls for a meeting with Stark. Stark arrives only to be slapped through a building by Thor. Thor is angry with Stark, telling him that they agreed the Stones would be never again come to Earth and that Tony has broken his promise. Stark tries to reason with Thor, but the thunderer wont have it and demands that all Infinity Stones on Earth be given to Asgard immediately. Iron Man tries to threaten Thor but is struck by a massive bolt of lightning, he then walks back home.


Volstagg is a guest of honour at a football game. Suddenly the stadium is attacked by deathlock soldiers which battle Volstagg. Volstagg defeats them but while fighting is injected with a serum created from the power of the berserker staff. Volstagg goes into a rage, destroying the stadium and taking many lives before he is stopped by a group of Iron legion Bots. Volstagg is being taken to a supervillain prison when Thor flies down,frees him and flies back to Asgard. The media paints Asgard as evil and demands retribution. The military and many super heroes gather before Asgard to demand that Volstagg be punished and Asgard leave Earth, but Thor refuses both. Thor comes to speak peacefully but is attacked immediately, then the army starts attacking Asgard. Asgard's defenses repell the army and shield agents, but then the Avengers attack, busting through a wall. Even though they broke through the wall Asgards defenses repell the attackers.


The Illuminati and world leaders decide that its finally time to unleash their experiment, the Sentry.*the Sentry was created by infusing some of the power of the Infinity Stones into human genes, giving godlike power.* The Sentry immediately begins destroying Asgard until it is attacked by Thor. Thor puts up a valient effort but is overwhelmed by the Sentry's speed and strength. The Sentry tears down the foundations of Asgard and kills many Asgardians and humans alike. The Sentry flies over to the Bifrost machine and starts to absorb it, but this is a grave mistake for the Sentry's energy becomes unstable, turning into a bomb that could rip apart time and space, destroying the Earth. Suddenly Odin emerges from the Odinsleep, and looking around him sees the apocalypse. " I GO TO VALHALLA!" cries Odin as he leaps into the warp, grabbing the Sentry. Odin uses the Odinforce/Soul Stone to control the Sentry's power long enough to save the Earth. Thor watches as the black hole shrinks into nothingness leaving neither Odin nor Sentry. Sorrow fills the once mighty halls of Asgard as a funeral is held for the All-father, all hope of Odin returning is crushed as Thor feels the Odinforce fill him, meaning he is now the All-father of Asgard.


Thor opens the door to Loki's cell. " You were right, men were made to be ruled."



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